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The Counselor

Staff Member
The Counselor

- July 30, 2005

A young man told a counselor the heart-breaking story of a loved-one who he believed was a Christian, yet whose involvement with street drugs eventually caused so much damage that they she even doubted God's existence, and wanted nothing more to do with Him or other Believers.

The counselor thought a moment, rubbed her chin, and then calmly replied: "I must tell you that I tend to believe that those who truly love God with all their heart and soul, are not so quick to totally reject Him. Mind you, I believe it is possible for those who genuinely love God to become lost, deceived and fall in to sin and deception for a while, but those who truly love God come back to Him once the truth of their sin reveals itself in full to them. As such, if your loved one truly did love the Lord, she will again come back to Him. If she doesn't, she probably never really did."

Looking confused and frustrated, the young man pondered this response, then replied, "Maybe so, but you don't know this for sure. You are only stating what YOU believe."

"Allow me to explain why I believe this," stated the counselor as she nodded knowingly. "If our heart is truly filled with love for God, our desire will be to please HIM, and to put HIS wishes first, not our own. Once sin reveals itself, if we continue on in sin, we are, in essence, telling God that He is not Lord in our life, and that our way and desires are held in higher esteem than are His. You and I have no way of truly knowing what exactly your loved one's relationship with God WAS, but more importantly, how is it NOW?"

For the remainder of the session, the counselor went on to offer helpful advice to the young man.

Today's Daily Wisdom is not solely about the dangers of drug use, but rather, to assist those who are hurting in any way, shape or form, whether it be those addicted to drugs or alcohol, involved in pornography, involved in adultery, hateful mind-sets, and any other type of evil that is negatively affecting one's life and relationship with the Lord.

Whether you are seeking to know God and His better way for the first time, or if you are a Believer who has fallen into a place of ungodliness, God's love, grace and mercy is just waiting to wash over you so that you may start anew.

Contributed by Melanie Schurr (Copyright (c)2005 Melanie Schurr) Melanie Schurr is author of "Ecstatic Living Ecstatic Loving: A Christian marriage manual and Life-guide," "Son Salutations" and "Daily Contemplations," which are a collection of read-one-a-day modern inspirations. For more information, visit www.MelanieSchurr.com
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Jesus is Lord!

...God's love, grace and mercy is just waiting to wash over you so that you may start anew...


A M E N !

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie/"Sylvia?
Thanks Chad . I was encouraged by that word . I pray that it's truth in power find it's way into the hearts of all who need to recieve it . Mike