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the context of the bible

based on Revelation 19:13

The Revelation of God's will has been brought down to us in words. The Bible is not a book containing communications from God, it is God's revelation of Himself, in the interests of grace; God's giving of Himself in the limatation of words. The Bible is not a faery romance to beguile us for a whilefrom the sordid realities of life, it is the divine complement of the lawsof nature, of conscience and of humanity, it introduces us to a new universe of revelation facts not known to the unregenerate common sense.

The context of the Bible is our Lord Jesus Christ, and the personal relationship to Him. the the words of God and the Word of God stand together; to seperate them is to render them both powerless. Any expounder of the words of God is liable to go off at a tangent if he or she does not remember this stern undeviating standard of exposition, namely that no individual experience is of remotest value unless it is up to the standard of the Word of God... The test of Truth is the revelation of the Son of God in me, not as a divine anticipation , but as a delightfulactivity now. It is perilously possible to praise our Lord as Savior and Sanctifier, and yet cunningly blind our own hearts to the necessity of His manifesting in our mortal flesh His peculiar salvation and sanctification. (God's Workmanship) Oswald Chambers