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The commandments

People say,

Where is the way?

Here is a path!

Oh so clear!

No longer,

Have fear!

Makes you not clear!

You will miss steer,

End up unaware!

If you care;

To dare!

It always there!

Right From the start;

We are taught the truth!

Right back,

Too the start of your youth!

Every one the same!

Just too help tame!

Your spiritual flame!

So at one,

We should see,

There is just one,

God of infinity!

That protects you!

Corrects you!

Directs you!

Even selects you!

Don’t think you know it all!

This is where we fall!

Who knows?

What is in some ones heart?

Unless you’ve been there,

From the start!

No one can say this is true?

So be still and trust god!

Only god,

Is there for me,

Helping me to be free!

In the night,

When all is tough!

Life can be oh so ruff!

Ego makes us tough,

It’s really just a bluff!

Trust god instead!

Don’t live our lives,

In such dread!

Only he comes back with love,

Where as people shove!

They’ve had enough,

There are few!

Who are true?

Let’s move on to two!

We learn to draw,

Let’s not adore!

God is all we see!

He is even part of you and me,

Yet he is nothing we see!

Else he wouldn’t be infinity!

He couldn’t give up his divinity!

Parts yes-hua!

This is the test!

He gave us his best!

We put him to rest!

We made him ingest,

That which was old!

Then he went cold!

Like it was told!

How can we be bold!

Let’s come in the fold,

No matter how old!

The father is one!

Else we will end up,

With mammon!

Chaos you see!

On to three,

Easy to see!

Don’t call god,

A sod!

He is more like a rod,

To help and guide!

We yelp and hide;

All he does is try to help!

If we see him as something solid,

Don’t go saying,

He is something horrid!

Then that protection goes,

Really starts to show!

Down the stairs,

You go!

Do you catch the flow?

This is the core!

Of Zion for sure!

Look more,

On to four!

People adore,

This is where problems come!

Only as one!

We may live!

With attachment,

We can’t give!

Love is good,

As we should!

Through gods love,

Then not misunderstood!

Energy is reimbursed,

Instead of pursed!

Even though,

We try our best,

We still take!

Make mistakes!

Many fakes!

Who are stagnant!

Like a lake!

Time and space,

Is this place!

Really shows on our face!

There is no disguise,

From many lies!

In our race!

It’s a disgrace!

Don’t swear,

Adds no flare!

Makes people glare!

They think you don’t care,

Be aware!

Don’t dare!

Where has the patients gone?

That goes with the song!

Learn to look in love,

As we really should!

Auras we will see,

When truly free!

Unless they stick you in a cage,

Don’t they know?

You need to engage,

Not be enraged!

This is where control dramas,

Start there jive!

To help,

Keep your self alive!

On we go to five,

Gravity fills this space,

Here there is much to face!

We should’ve learned respect,

Your elders don’t forget!

Then there is no regret!

They have been through a lot,

You they begot,

Don’t go getting all hot!

This has got to stop!

We must not take,

Don’t make that mistake!

God can create,

Don’t need to fake!

Don’t keep it to your self,

Keep it all for stealth?

That will hold no know wealth!

Don’t twist the facts!

To get reactions!

This will add factions!

Like fear as well,

Don’t be a brute,

This does pollute!

If you think they are cute,

Go ask the question!

Will teach you a valuable lesson!

Learn not to attach,

This is the catch,

Opens the latch!

There is a batch,

That drains,

Get you in pain!

One father who planted the seed,

Made your creed!

In a mother strong,

Never gets it wrong!

Don’t lean on others songs,

They are learning as well,

Though they might seem swell!

You will hit many bricks,

End up needing it like a fixes!

It has many kicks!

Stop the tricks!

Now on to six,

Let’s learn to fix!

All that lives is holy!

We all are one,

In this song!

Let’s not get it wrong!

A plant grows to make the fruit!

In this life we do dwell,

Could be swell!

As long as we don’t kill,

To get our fill!

Really it makes us ill!

Meat once a month is ok,

Only as an offering it does say!

When it’s neat,

Too much for our stomach to take!

Sits there like a rotten lake,

We wonder why we get an ache!

If we relate,

To the creatures fate!

It is not a past time,

Make it your last time!

We can get balance,

Start to dance!

It may be our last chance!

Don’t let Gravity takes you again!

We are the same,

Just men!

We all are matter!

What ever the patter!

Don’t go getting fatter!

From something,

That is from the latter!

Keep it all fresh,

To give of your best!

Here is what makes us less,

It cause such stress,

Old we are not!

We do drink a lot,

Ego we do get!

We learn to forget,

Thinking we know what is in some ones heart!

Even start a fight!

Because we think we’re right!

Do you see the plight?

I hope I spread some light,

We fall down to five!

At first,

It’s like we are cursed!

Then gravity takes its time,

Then slowly changes the rhyme!

Down to four,

As we drink more!

People seem so big they start to swear!

Down to three,

You start to see!

Then blaspheme!

Oops to two!

You see the scene,

They start to be mean!

Ego takes it toile,

They don’t feel whole,

Back to one!

To the start the song!

Don’t get it wrong!

It is easy to see,

In this world we live,

We really have to give,

We can make this heaven!

We think in seven!

Here is where we create,

Help decide the human fate!

Help recreate,

Learn to relate!

Instead of hate,

Make them your mate!

Understand there fate,

Might not have been that great!

May be they where drained,

Someone tried to tame!

It’s left them lame,

Not to blame!

Life feels all,

You hit brick walls,

Unless you walk tall!

Through it all!

Instead of being small,

Stay strong as one!

Stay with the song!

It never leads you wrong!

If we feel lust,

It’s Part of life!

Just this ritual wife,

Adds such strife!

We flow as the sea,

Yet we aren’t free!

Instead there is such dread,

That they might share the bed!

Why don’t we use our head?

Listen to what was said,

As angels bond!

They don’t take!

Just relate!

There is no fake,

For attachments sake!

Don’t hold that contract,

On your back!

Later to feel all flat,

When you react!

From making a pact!

When you lie down,

A marriage is made!

That heaven might be saved!

Do not choose,

Or get the blues!

They say you must,

God knows the way,

Hears what we say!

Be clean in your thoughts,

Who are we to say?

What is meant to be!

When we can not see?

A child is not for your pleasure,

Or as your treasure!

Not to have and to hold,

Yet to mould!

If you make them fight,

Because you think you are right!

You cause plight,

Then you darken there light!

Let’s end the plight!

Every child is so pure,

Let’s learn to adore!

They are good,

Can’t you see!

They just follow,

You and me!

What do they see?

Don’t criticise, condemn, or complain!

It changes our brain!

Judge you’re self,

Save your wealth!

That which is learned in the mind,

Doesn’t bind!

In your heart you must try!

When you die,

There is much sin to face!

The disgrace,

Holds you in that place!

Because you can’t look,

At your face!

You never found your place!

Ego took its chase!

Changing that which was so pure,

Into the look of a *****!

Babylon holds us back,

It tells us we have a lack!

If we cant see our fate,

We can never get to eight!

It is infinite!

We think and feel,

We must not steal!

Then we can never heal!

You see the deal?

It simple,

As you grow,

Its really there to show!

How to catch the flow!

Yeshua paid the price!

Infinity can work,

Don’t be a jerk!

Every talent,

Is a god send!

That we might mend!

What do we need?

Its all just greed!

As one family,

We should live!

Truly just give!

Why hold?

Your heart will be sold!

Don’t be so bold,

You’ve been told!

Don’t mean to be cold,

Ego is the gates of hell!

Time is yet a fleeting glance!

Only by chance,

Does it yet enhance!

Don’t dance with the devil,

There is no such thing!

Just your ego trip again!

We are fallen,

From alcohol!

It makes a hole,

In our soul!

If we do not change!

Our ways Fate,

Hangs in debate!

There is many great,

Who know the date?

If we love!

Like this rhyme?

Let’s go on to number nine!

Here chaos is found!

We must sound!

We found in the I-Ching,

That we might bring!

People lie or at least they try!

What happens when you die!

It’s your soul,

Don’t make that hole!

You will be back again!

To face the sin!

It is not very forgiving!

Harder it will be,

Till you truly see!

Learn to adjust,

Don’t look in lust!

Make sure you’re just!

Look with out looking!

Hear with out hearing!

Don’t imitate,

Look at the whole to relate!

Help find your fate!

It’s there on a plate!

Don’t cause ripples,

That can eventually cripple!

Always look at the bigger picture,

Try not to lecture!

Quote a scripture,

Not with a pitcher!

Then they will drown,

You will cause a frown;

Make them down!

All as one we must be!

Simple, nothing like a tree!

In completeness,

We find ten;

Desire is of men!

In life,

We find greed!

Really what do we need?

Do we not realise,

We are a seed,

Planted indeed,

To help save our creed!

Why must we endure?

Make it something pure,

Our lives will be worth more!

That’s what we are here for!

Don’t get angry from respect,

Instead try to correct,

Else you might forget!

Patient like the woods!

You where put adjacent,

It was a placement!

Help them grow straight,

Not show hate!

Don’t get irate!

All good things,

Come to those who wait!

So interpret,

Even forfeit!

Help show love!

That we mustn’t shove!

This is the way of heaven!

As we hit eleven!

Not the same as seven!

Here love is oh so pure,

And clean,

Never mean!

It truly gleams;

At least it seems!

As angels we bond!

Like the sea,


As we float,

We might see another boat!

You say this is a goat,

Far better then to a lope!

Don’t leave someone broke!

Steal a spoke,

At the end of this rhyme,

God is love!

Oh so pure!

Plus it last,

Ever more!

Never changing in its light!


Oh so bright!

Love him in stead,

Don’t choose your bed!

Hear what has been said,

He has seen,

Where life devolves!

On to twelve!



The level,

That’s been right through!

Numbers are few!


Is the kingdom!

Only if you help!

Do you see?

As a father,

You must be,

Spreading the truth,

Of infinity!

Learning from your mother’s ways!

That is what Zen says!

The ways of god,

To be seen by men!

Through nature,

From the creator,

Not a hater!

There are many strays,

These days,

They chooses to laze,

They will be set a blaze!

This is just a phase!

Help bring in the harvest,

Read, study and digest!

This is the true test!

There is only one level left?

That lives like a dream!

On thirteen,

It is the teacher!

Made every creature,

Ultimate preacher!

Why call your self a teacher!

The divine,

Plants many signs,

That they may combine!

To teach you in time!

All as one god does see,

He is you and me!

All of this tree,

That you might climb!

Up the steps,

Of this rhyme!

Its took along time,

From some friends of mine!

Read what they wrote,

Don’t be a goat!

There is much in this field,

It can be healed!

We never know,

Unless we sow!

Help reap,

Take the leap,

Guard the sheep!

Don’t leave them to bleat,

Else they might fall,

Instead of walk tall!

Give them a hand,

Don’t make demands!

Try to understand,

From what god has planned,

Instead of just nod!

That won’t suffice,

Give them the rice!

Else they might pay the price!

Show them something nice!

Don’t get enticed!

All you give,

You will receive!

Don’t grieve,

Compare starts being unaware!

All is good,

In god’s eyes!

Its just ego,

In disguise,

With its many lies!

Break the ties,

Before this earth dies!

Then God does sigh,

We did try,

Good bye!