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The Comfort Of My Presence

Staff Member
In a place of hope allow your heart to continue to hold on to the vision and desires I’ve placed within you. For these are meant to guide and inspire you, not to discourage you. So though they have not fully materialized yet, do not become weary in the pursuit of my plans for your life. For at the proper time you will reap a harvest, and you will possess all I’ve set before you according to my plans and my timing

So run without hindrance. Run without fear or apprehension. Run without concern for tomorrow or concern of falling. For even that which has been taken from you will be given back, and you will know and experience, not only my provision, but also my restoration too. In all these days you will come to know me in the ways your heart desires, beyond what you think is even possible.

So as you experience your delays, and hardships, and disappointments, do not run away from me, but instead draw yourself close to me. For in your darkest hours I am with you. In your days of your greatest heartache come to me, for as you do we will share them together and you will experience my closeness and intimacy. I will remove your load and lighten your burden. Though these days are unpleasant know you are not experiencing them alone. Know I am with you, and know there is still a greater hope within you.

I will share with you, and I will comfort you. I will reveal my tenderness to you and your heart will be healed and moved in the days you need it most. So do not hesitate to engage with me, though your heart may be heavy. Do not hesitate to open your most private hurts and secrets and share them with me, for in doing so you will experience not only my closeness, but also my comforting presence as well.

By Neil Vermillion

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