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I'm going to see this movie next week. Is anybody else going to see it? I read the books when I was 11 years old. The previews for the movie look good.
Hi Jeffery. I'm excited about the movie, too. The whole series of books was in my church library when I was a kid, and I read them all when I was about 12 or so! Aren't they great? My daughter is 13 and she has read them all, in fact she is re-reading The Last Battle right now. We can't wait to go see the movie!!!!!!

Another neat and exciting thing--I believe God will use this movie to get non-Christians thinking about Him. Praise God!

C.S. Lewis

:rose: I think that I would like to see this movie too. I can't imagine though that it will be as great as the books were.
C.S. Lewis is a great writer and has written many books based on Christianity and his ideas of heaven. There was a book I read about a year ago, called (I think), the great divorce and it is his portrayal of a journey to heaven.
The Chronicles were my favorite books as a kid too. I suppose I will see it when it comes out on video and I hope it doesn't take from the imagination I had when I originally read his books. C.S. Lewis is a devoted christian and writes great fiction with God in mind.
I can't wait to see this movie!!! It looks great and very realistic. C.S. Lewis is imaginative and creative writer. I read his books when I was little and loved them. They're a great allegory to Christ. I and my family were listening to The Chronicles of Narnia on radio Theatre, and those were superb so I have no doubt the movie will be too. My family and I are so excited! We're going to see it when it comes to our hometown theatre.
I never read the book. But a few years ago I went with my daughter's class to see the play done at the University that is in the town we live in. I really enjoyed it and so did she. She is really looking forward to the movie. Hope we can get there during Christmas break.

Your sister in Christ,
I saw the really old movies of this- but I can't wait to see the new one!!!!! Soooooo excited(and so are many of my friends)! I'm very anxious to see Aslan.


I'm planning to go see it, probably on Wednesday. I have heard it has been nominated for best movie of the year by critics. Looking forward to it.

I went and saw it last night. Try to go and see it if you can! Aslan was AWESOME!!!!!!! As great as I expected him to be, even if he was CGI! Go, go, go and see it!!!!

I just saw it and it was awesome!!! It nearly reached The Lord of the Rings, in terms of excitement and the monsters, but it wasn't all the way there. Aslan looked very real. It was definitely enjoyable and action filled. Again, it wasn't as great as Lord of the Rings, but it was pretty darn close. A must see!