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"The Call of Abraham" GEN 12:1-17:27

Parasha: Lech-Lecha (go forth) The call of Abraham

GENESIS 12-1-17:27.......................ISAIAH 40:27-41:16........................MATTHEW 5:1-48

There are many interesting topics in this Parasha study, so, I have selected just a few to go over. Abraham had already left Ur with his father, and were already living in Haran, but YHVH still called him, to continue "Westward". "Go out from your father's house, to a land that I will show you". He was chosen, perhaps Abraham had a searching mind, a willing spirit to know the "true God" of the universe. The sages tell stories of Abram sitting at the feet of Shem, listening to stories of the flood, and the "true God" who destroyed the earth and saved just eight, perhaps we can reason that Abram wanted to know this God personally. we can only assume.

Abraham took the step of faith, answered God's calling, He took his wife Sarai, and his nephew Lot (a mistake) and crossed over the Euphrates River, then went south to Canaan. We call Abraham an IVRIT, a "Hebrew" one who "crosses over" in this sense, the crossing point was the Euphrates River, He left the pagan lifestyle of idolatry behind in UR, decided to trust God and be the "blessing" of future generations. Though he and Sarai were childless, he still trusted in the promises of YHVH.
and he and Sarah became a blessing, He is the father as we all know, of the Hebrew people, later on, becoming known as "B'nei Yisrael" (Children of Israel). Yet he had to take that step of faith, step out in faith, go to a new land that he didn't know and trust YHVH for his needs.

There was a time when we were in the world, and didn't know Yeshua as Messiah, yet we, like Abraham, took a step of faith, which led us to a righteous relationship with our God, through a personal relationship with Yeshua, being "born again" we "crossed over" from the land of "death in sin" to the new land of "Life in Yeshua"

Abraham and Melech-Tzadik: (12:18) Here we find that Abraham has responded to rescue his nephew Lot, who was "Sodom bound"
Interesting, we have learned that Lot took small steps which led to almost disaster. He pitched his tents "toward Sodom" and finally made it "into Sodom" ( I wonder what became of his sheep and flocks, can't keep them inside the city) If we play with sin, we finally get "bit" One can see a rattle snake from afar, then get nearer, and nearer, until it raises its head and "strikes". Yet Abraham rescues his nephew from capture by the kings, we then see "Melech-Tzadik" (Righteous King)

He is "Melech Salem" (King of Salem) which was the ancient name for "Yerushalayim" "Salem" is similar to "Shalom" we see a similitude to "Yeshua" Yeshua came in "Shalom" He is the "Righteous King" He is also our "High Priest" (Cohen HaGadol)
melech-Tzadik also brought out to share with Abraham "Bread and wine". Yeshua is the "Bread of Life" and of course the "wine" symbolizes his blood, Also "bread and wine" symbolize "Pesach" (Passover) . As believers, we recognize Yeshua as our "High Priest" and we remember Mashiach every time we share the "bread and the wine" not only on Pesach, but whenever we celebrate the LORD's supper, He brought us out of the valley of "sin and death" and has renewed our relationship with the Father, bringing us into the "new land" the "Land of the Living"

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ISAIAH 40:27-41:16

Look at 41:8-10 "But you Israel and my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the descents of Abraham My friend...."
He promises to be "With you" and even though the descendants of Abraham are in the farthest regions of the earth, the "ends"of the earth, they are not cast away, "I AM WITH YOU" this is a promise, to those who return to Eretz Zion and to those who are still in other countries, the LORD is WITH YOU. "I will uphold you in my righteous hand" so whether we are Sephardi, Ashkenazim, Falashim, in whatever country you might live in, we are not alone, We are being upheld in HIS mighty HAND.
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MATT 5:1-48

"I have not come to "loosen" the Torah or the prophets, I have come to "fulfill" (Mat 5:17) the word "loosen" is also translated as "destroy" or "Abrogate" The Torah nor the Prophets can not be destroyed, gotten rid of, nor disregarded, they both have a place, and both are valid in their teaching. "Fulfill" comes from the Aramaic "D'mala" being "to bring to realization" also "correctly interpret". Yeshua fulfilled all the Torah prophecies concerning himself, as well as the Prophetic prophecies. If we remember, when He accompanied the couple on the road to Emmaus, He expounded scripture and revealed all that pertained to himself.

Shabbat Shalom.....Rabbi Ben Avraham