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The Bulldozer

The Bulldozer

Dad and his bulldozer were to dig a huge hole,
His small son came to help, tho' not on the payroll.
The son brought his little shovel and sand pail,
He had good equipment, but on the wrong scale.
Dad was proud to see his loving-hearted son
Coming to help him get this job done.

Dad moved tons of dirt with every pass of the blade,
His son filled his bucket diligently over in the shade.
Soon it was time to move the dirt where the lad worked so hard.
"Son, it's time to move away from that part of the yard."

Oh, dad, not now! Let me finish this bucket, I am doing so well!
See how much work I've done for you, can't you tell?"
Let me do this part over here, and you do the rest,
You know I love you and am doing my best."

Dad was a kind parent who loved his son,
But he knew he had to move him to get this job done.
His son was valuable, precious, but in the way.
So this is what his dad had to say,
"Come up on the bulldozer seat and work with me,
We'll move a mountain of dirt, and together we'll be."

So together father and son worked that mountain-moving machine,
Digging deep and wide, making this new ravine.
He learned by teaming up with dad, to do impossible things,
Enjoying the accomplishment and fellowship that partnership brings.
He learned that working together this day
He could do miraculous things in an exciting way!

Dad had several choices to ponder here.
One, he could wait for his son on his own to get clear.
Two, he could move him away and let him watch dad the job complete.
Three, he could bring him up with him on the dozer seat.
When you are helping your child in growth with security,
You let these choices depend upon the son's maturity.

What kind of child are you, my friend?
Do you have to do it "on your own" clear to the end?
Or are you open to really learn your Father's way?
Are you just a spectator who only Listens to what He may say?
Or are you standing In the way, while God waits for you to see,
That you could listen and obey, and a mountain-mover be.

How often do we tell our Heavenly Father to wait until we fail?
To let us try to clear the way with our little sand pail.
Trying to help Him in our own strength and potentiality.
When His instructions of love and wisdom change our reality,
From working in the natural, to working where flow eternal fountains,
Instead of filling buckets, we move big mountains!

Somehow we got the idea that we have to do it all ourselves,
And leave His gifts and power and wisdom on our shelves,
Working with our own resources, diligently and strong,
We do a lot humanly, but we do it wrong.
God would show us--and He does, when we will yield--
How to do it all in Him, by faith revealed.

You are free to choose whatever way you think you should,
But He'd rather that you choose His way, if you would.
Are you listening to God, speaking to you true?
Or does He have to Just listen to you?

- Anonymous