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The Box (The clean version)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by cmd73, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. You put me in a box all of my life
    And you shut the door and locked me in tight
    I almost went completely crazy
    I almost lost it with you all
    But I got out
    Through a thousand floors
    But I got out
    Because there's always a light
    At least the universe gave me that
    If it was up to you, you'd keep me locked up forever
    So now I can see what freedom is actually like
    And it's a place that's deserted
    And it's a place where I can walk the rest of the way myself
    Who cares where I go
    So long it's away from you.
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  2. Whoa. Very powerful poem here, for sure. The feeling of true freedom? Priceless. Peace

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