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The blessing of a new job

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I wanted to take a moment and share something that has happened this week to me. This week has had everything, joy, pain, heartbreak and triumph. I started a new job this past Monday and it has been wonderful, nice people, nice job and not overly stressful. The best thing is that the workplace is full of Christians, which in this day and age is unusual. I am filling in temporary for a young lady going out on maternity leave, and she has been wonderful! The real interesting thing is that she has become curious about her faith due to the witness of others here and has a ton of questions. I brought her a Bible yesterday morning and she has been reading it for 2 days, what a blessing! She told me she was praying for someone to come and talk with her about Jesus, and I showed up on Monday, we have talked all week about her salvation and the impact it will have on her unborn child. I am getting to watch the Lord work on her heart and it's awesome to see. It has lifted my soul in a time when I really needed it, I have had some personal issues this week and this has really helped show me that God is always working. Even in my weakness, he has used me to help another. Please continue to pray for Kimberly as she looks for God's will in her life and that if I can help in any way that God will show me what needs to be done.
New Member
Thank you Jesus that you work for good in all situations and when we are feeling weak or badly prepared, you show us that you can still be glorified and do amazing things in our weakness. Thank you for showing Nc that you are always at work for good and that at no point do you stop reaching out and seeking people to come to you. Thank you that kimberly is showing such interest and that she is seeking after you; i pray that you can show her the truth and the way the know you. I pray that you can wipe away any doubt of past troubles that hold her back from knowing you and committing to live for you. I pray that the devil has no place in holding her back but that in your precious name Jesus she might be claimed for your kingdom. I pray also for Nc as he struggles a bit this week with personal things. I pray that you draw so close to him and show him your love. You are mighty to save and you rejoice over us with singing (zeph 3:17) I pray that you can show Nc that this week. Take away anything that is causing him hardship and replace it with you and your love. Give him your peace and give him wisdom and maturity to live according to your word. AMEN
Staff member
Thank you Lord for sending someone to Kimberly when she asked you to.

Lord, we know that you are doing great and lasting things in Kimberly's life, and we praise you Lord.

Always Lord, you are perfect and your timing is sure. We can trust you and we do.

You are faithful Lord.

Thank you for placing NC in her path as your steward, as the one you have chosen to minister to her, as the one by whom you answered Kimberly's prayer.

Lord Jesus, NC knows that the work is only a temporary thing, a passing moment in time, but Salvation is eternal and the soul you have sent him to is the purpose for his being there.... you are wonderful Lord...just wonderful!

It is exciting Lord, cos we know only good things are coming!

Bless you Jesus ....><>
New Member
Hallelujah bro!!!!!!!!!
In our weakness He is strong.
Isn't that just the way our sovereign Lord works!
Just when we start to focus on our challenges to the point that it is overwhelming, He sends a blessing like Kimberly.
May our Lord continue to blow on the embers of coal to the point of igniting into salvation. PTL!!!!
May there be more divine appointments with Kimberly and many others like her for you.

take care bro!
aka grizzly for Christ
New Member
It is so awesome when we can be used by God. It is such a privelege. Keep up the good work and one day you will hear those words "well done good and faithful servant".:wink:
"Providence is the hand of God in the glove of circumstance_Mat 6:33 "
J Vernon McGhee

What a wonderful thing to be used of God and what a wonderful thing to see Him place you in just the right spot at just the right time!
May God continue to bless you both!

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