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The Bible, in black and white

Discussion in 'Evidence & Prophecy' started by Truthsayer, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. I've spent my entire life trying to figure the Bible out. It has only been within the past 10 years that I have received from God, the insight and knowledge to piece it together. I have read the Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelations at least six times over the past ten years and within each literal word and phrase written in the Bible, the contradictions still stand out. There is enough contradiction in the Bible to confuse anyone on a search for ultimate truth. One phrase or verse can have 55 different meanings to 55 different people with 55 different points of view!

    This is where I got confused when I first began my journey. Then, I realized something.

    The beauty and brilliance of the Bible is found in its 'polarity'. It holds the key to enlightenment, and, it holds the key to darkness/ignorance. It was written in this manner for the purpose of instilling 'faith'.

    The Bible was written in black and white.

    White is day
    Black is night
    Black is 'darkness'
    White is 'light'.

    God's light is so bright it has blinded the eyes of mankind for over 3000 years. Since the Bible, in both of its Testaments was written, man has spent all of his focus trying to literally interpret the 'black', (words of the Bible), that he has become totally oblivious to the true value of the 'white', (message between the lines).

    Between every word and phrase written in the Bible, there are many unwritten elaborations. To see them requires faith as faith means literally, evidence of things unseen.

    "When one takes the time to read between the lines, the truth will soon become evident".

    Your faith is stengthened and understanding becomes more clear when you are able to see, with God's clarity, that which hasn't been written.

    For example, how many people of christian and Jewish faith instill within themselves and others the "fear of God", because the Bible simply states; "Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom"?
    This statement as it is written is God's truth. No word of it is false. But in its literal interpretation it is very 'misleading'. As we all know, every beginning has a middle and an end result.
    Let us rewrite that statement, fill in some gaps, and discover what it is really saying that isn't apparent in its literal interpretation.

    "Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom."

    Facing that fear is the acquiring of wisdom.

    Overcoming fear is the achievement of wisdom.

    In other words, wisdom (total understanding), is a journey which begins with fear, (total ignorance).

    Upon the achievement, the understanding then becomes; "In God, there is nothing to fear".

    How can fear make one wise when fear is the deadliest of sins? It can't.
    This is only one example of the many truths the Bible has to reveal between its lines. Allow me to give you another;

    The Message

    And the Lord said unto me; "What fools would have you believe that there are Ten Commandments?"

    "But Father, the Ten Commandments were handed down to Moses by you. It is written in the Holy Bible."

    "Ha!", sayeth the Lord. "What is written is not always as it seems".

    "But the Holy Bible is Your Word Father, how can it not be true?"

    "The truth is simple my child. It is you who make it complicated."

    "Whatever do you mean Father?"

    "To test your wisdom I will use these Ten commandments. Do you recall which of these commandments is noted as being the most important?"

    "I believe it is the First Commandment Father."

    "Do you recall what the First Commandment says?"

    "Yes Father, it says; 'Love the Lord God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength."


    "And thy neighbor as thyself."

    "Good. Now I will ask you a series of questions and you will answer truthfully."

    "Yes Father."

    "If you love the Lord God and all that I have given to creation, would you in any way try to destroy it?"

    "No Father!"

    "If you love thy neighbor as thyself, would you take from another that which does not belong to you?"

    "I would not."

    "If you love thy neighbor as thyself would you pass judgment on another without having walked in his shoes or seen what her eyes have seen?"

    "No, I would not Father."

    "Would you take the life of another under this same pledge of love?"

    "You know I would not!"

    "If you love the Lord God and thy neighbor as thyself, would you bear false witness against myself or another?"

    "No Father."

    "If you love thy neighbor as thyself, would you lay with the spouse of another?"

    "No Father, I would not."

    "If you love thy neighbor as thyself, would you do unto others?"

    "I would and do Father."

    "Tell me child, what is it that you see?"

    "I see that there are not Ten Commandments Father, but only one! 'Love the Lord God with all thy heart, soul, mind, and strength, and thy neighbor as thyself."

    "I see that no other law can exist above or below this universal law of love, for to follow this simple commandment means to break no other!"

    "That my child is the message.", said the Lord unto me.

    Isn't the Bible full of wonder? It provides us with the one universal law to follow, then gives us eight examples of how we can follow it!

    It is obvious that God truly loves us and does not want us to fear Him. He only requires that we seek to understand Him. To understand the word of God is to don a pair of cosmic Bifocals and read His word between the lines. Toss the key which has blinded you and seek the key that will enlighten you.

  2. There is only contradiction in one's minds. God's word does not contradict it self anywhere.

    We are only to believe and accept His word as is!

  3. I agree. God knows exactly what he wants to convey to us in his word. There are no contradictions, just mans inability to rightly divide the word of truth.

  4. I also have studied the Word of God for the better part of my life and have yet to encounter a single contradiction.

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