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The best churches in USA?????

We live in Australia,but next year my family and I are travelling to USA. This will be from April 2006 to end of June. My husband has won a study scholarship. We will be there for 3 months. We will not be staying in any one place but we will be travelling through from West to East. We will be starting In San Francisco and end up in New York and then Boston.

I am interested in trying to visit some exciting churches??? Can anyone tell me about any churches for a must visit list? Is there revival going on anywhere over there? Where could we experience a high level of Holy Spirit?? What about conferences? Does anyone know about any conferences happening that might be worth being part of. I would be interested in any information about this.

Thanks Krizzie :plane:
Doesnt ANYONE have some hot tips for me??????????????????????????
Any information would be much appreciated.
No hot tips, but, I guess everyone could have a different opinion on what are the best churches in the US.
Is there a certain type you prefer that is around where you live for a comparison?