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The Battle of the Brave

The Battle of the Brave
By K. A Graaf
I am a survivor of many things that have tried to bring me down
I have struggled to keep flying, when evil forces have tried to take me to the ground
I battle and I fight against things I cannot see
Powers of darkness that daily come against me
I am fighting, struggling through this battle of the brave
Standing in the strength of God and being carried by His grace
I have many weaknesses and I could not win this battle on my own
God is my refuge and my shelter; Jesus is with me and know I am not alone
God sees the darkness come against me and He upholds me in His hands when the battle becomes too intense
He sends His mighty angels to rescue me and they quickly fly to my defence
Satan, the more you try to destroy me the stronger I will become
You are defeated! The victory is mine! The battle is already won!
You are shooting your deadly arrows at me today
But I have resisted you with the sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith!
I am strong, brave and courageous because my God is bigger and more powerful than you!
He has wrapped me in His feathered wings and with His protection; today I will make it through
I went to Jesus, and he wiped all my tears away. I didn’t need to drown my sorrows
I will get through with the comfort and peace of God. He is my strength for today and my hope for tomorrow
I am a princess of the King of Kings; I am my Heavenly Fathers treasured girl
Satan, you filthy snake! Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!
I am angry and hurt but I will direct my frustration at my enemy
I will fight the battle of the brave and hold onto my victory!
So Satan you can rack off! I am determined to not let you win!
I will overcome! There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus and freedom for those who remain in Him
I have come along way from the dungeon of depression, addiction, and the pain of all kinds of abuse.
I will not listen to your lies anymore Satan! I will fight you with the sword of Truth!
The truth is, you are only a fallen angel and you are under my feet!
I am in Gods everlasting arms and you cannot harm or destroy me!
God will send His power from Heaven, to protect me and keep me from falling
I know who I am in Christ and by His grace I will fulfil my destiny and calling!
Thankyou Jesus for being my strength and carrying me through this battle of the brave
I know I can do all things through You; I am comforted in Your loving embrace
You have become my anchor in the storms that blow against me
You have become the very air I breathe
If I didn’t not have to battle and fight as much as I do
Maybe I would never have become this close to you
I will stand in the freedom Jesus died to give to me!
I will declare this day; I have got the Victory!
This poem is for all those who fight everyday to stay free. Know that God is stronger than anything that comes against you!
If you hold on to Jesus there is nothing He won’t see you through
I know your struggle and fight. Battle on and be brave!
You will make it! Just hold on to Gods unconditional love and His matchless grace