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The arch villain of the end times

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The person commonly referred to as the Antichrist is somewhat of a misnomer. The person is only the Antichrist for while he is in the role of the King of Israel, instead of and against, Jesus the rightful King of Israel.

At other times, the person is in different roles, not the King of Israel.

He starts off as the little horn. King of the of the fourth empire in Daniel 7. Which appears to be the EU in its final form.

He then becomes the prince who shall come in Daniel 9:26-27 following Gog/Magog.

At which time, he will be perceived to be the messiah to the Jews who will anoint him the King of Israel, most likely by the False Prophet.

He confirms the Mt. Sinai covenant for 7 years, as required by Moses in Deuteronomy 31:9-13 of all future leaders of Israel.

The Jews and the world will thus think they have entered the Messianic age of peace and safety, 1Thessalonians5:2-3.

3 years 3 months into his reign, thereabouts, he commits the Transgression of Desolation, 2Thessalonians2:4, Daniel 8:12-13.

The Jews will be mortified by his claim to be God and will impeach him from continuing as their King of Israel, ending his time in the role of being the Antichrist.

The revealed man of sin is then killed by outsiders to Israel, as God is angered over his claim of being God, Ezekiel 28:1-10.

The person finds himself in hell mocked, before God in disdain for the person kicks him out of the grave, brings him back to life. Isaiah 14:19-20.

Come back to life, he is the beast of Revelation 13, having just been the mortally wounded and recovered head on the beast. He originates as the 7th king of the fourth empire. And continues for the 42 months as the beast, the 8th king. Revelation 17:10.

Revelation 17:8 makes the connection between the unclean spirit now in the bottomless pit of some un-named former individual to the end times person which the world will witness being killed and come back to life. The end times person will be possessed by the unclean spirit, when the end times person recovers from being mortally wounded.

The transgression of desolation (the Antichrist sitting in the temple) - triggers the Day of the Lord. 2thessalonians2:2

shortly thereafter,

The abomination of desolation (the image made of the beast) - triggers the great tribulation. Matthew 24:15-22.

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