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The Amazing Facts

In light of some recent discussions on TJ, about Sabbath Keeping, and how the NT Christian must keep mosaic law...I want to share a little history with those who may not understand why we disagree so strongly with this teaching, other than the fact it simply does not line up with the Gospel message. I had the opportunity to listen to Doug Batchelor several times on satelite, and he is a very convincing teacher of judaism, and finding many converts to his message. I know at least a few members here probably watch the Amazing Facts Broadcast, and will wonder how I can even think to object to what he teaches. I can, because he preaches judaism and the curse of the law, and I preach Christ and freedom.

Gal 3:13 Christ has made us free from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us:

Gal 3:10 For all who are of the works of the law are under a curse: because it is said in the Writings, A curse is on everyone who does not keep on doing all the things which are ordered in the book of the law.

I admonish each of us, to seek to be filled with the Spirit, that God would be able to give us discernment, and to study the Word, so we can be given understanding of what is Truth, according to the WORD, and not to man.

When you read the Bible, the OT and into the NT, and read the passages that pertain to the law, please keep reading. You have not reached the part where the law is "blotted out". Have you ever blotted out something you have written, covered it up with 'white out'? Jesus did fulfill the Law as He promised. Precisely at the moment when He said "It is finished" Rom 10:4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
To whit, if you have not noted this before, open your e-sword if you have one for quick reference, and type in Sabbath, and you will see it is not mentioned one time beyond the book of Acts, (New Testament Church began) except in one verse Col 2 which says; Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;... Let no man therefore judge you... in respect of.. the sabbath:

I agree with the author who says; Ibear no ill will toward the person of any Adventist. However, this will not prevent me from speaking plainly of those who are manifestly guilty of evading, suppressing or distorting facts. In such cases, I shall only consider my duty to God and to His people.

"The Amazing Facts broadcast was never an "official" SDA Church production, and the church was not mentioned on the broadcast. It was a production of a "para-church ministry." Only when listeners began sending for printed literature from the ministry might they eventually realize the connection, and find themselves exposed to more specifically Adventist doctrinal positions. Since Crews' death, the ministry has been headed by Doug Batchelor, who makes TV programs and heads up a variety of outreaches of the ministry.

The official SDA website at http://www.adventist.org indicates that the organization is one of the fastest growing church groups in the world, with one baptism every 38 seconds, over 2,100 new members every day. They are obviously deeply involved in making new converts. So if you would find yourself with direct exposure to aggressive evangelism by members of the SDA Church, what would they claim that you needed to know about their organization? What claims would they make for their organization in an attempt to persuade you to consider potential membership in the SDA Church? As with most other non-"mainstream" religious groups, they would not expose you immediately to the full range of Adventist belief, particularly the more controversial doctrines believed by Adventists. They would begin with the most appealing aspects of their belief system and practice. If you showed sincere interest in these milder doctrinal issues, and began to seriously consider making a commitment to the organization through baptism and church membership, they would gradually let you know "the rest of the story."

Contrary to a common misperception, not every person who keeps the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week (Saturday) and believes in Jesus Christ as Savior is a Seventh-day Adventist. There are many denominations and individuals who observe a Saturday Sabbath. The specific descriptive term for such a person or group is "Sabbatarian." The SDAs are Sabbatarians, but not all Sabbatarians are SDAs. There are a number of Churches of God denominations, Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots and Sacred Name groups, and many others which observe a Saturday Sabbath.

Also contrary to a common misperception, the word "adventist" is not a synonym for a person who belongs to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The word "adventist" is a term that describes a person who promotes the belief that Jesus Christ's "Coming Again" or "Return" (His "advent") will be very soon, probably in their own lifetime, and who makes this belief a central part of their theology. Many individuals and groups totally unrelated to the SDA Church believe and promote the nearness of Christ's return and thus might be technically referred to as "adventists." There are even a number of denominations that use the term "Adventist" as part of the name of their group who are not related to the SDA Church. Thus SDA members are adventists, but not all adventists are SDAs.

A book is currently making the rounds, spread by zealous SDA members to their friends, family, neighbors, door to door and on the Internet, titled National Sunday Law by SDA Pastor A. Jan Marcussen. It insists that citizens in the US are in immediate threat in the near future of being restrained from worshipping on any day but Sunday. What most readers do not realize is that Marcussen is only the most recent in a long line of Adventist teachers who have insisted that this threat is imminent. The earliest to widely disseminate this teaching was Ellen G White. Here is a short excerpt from Anderson's book describing the development of the "National Sunday Law" teaching among SDAs. Anderson first documents the earliest teachings (clear back in the 1840s by Joseph Bates, an early EGW supporter) regarding the issue of Sabbath observance as relevant to the prophesied persecution of the Saints in the book of Revelation. He follows the development of the doctrine in EGW's own writings of the 1840s-1880s. He then notes:

In 1884, she [EGW] introduces the fact that there will be a gradual increase in the severity of laws enforcing Sunday observance:

In the last conflict the Sabbath will be the special point of controversy throughout all Christendom. Secular rulers and religious leaders will unite to enforce the observance of the Sunday; and as milder measures fail, the most oppressive laws will be enacted. It will be urged that the few who stand in opposition to an institution of the church and a law of the land ought not to be tolerated, and a decree will finally be issued denouncing them as deserving of the severest punishment, and giving the people liberty, after a certain time, to put them to death. (Spirit of Prophecy, vol. 4 p. 444)

By the late 1880's the end appeared imminent to Adventists. The reason they believed the end was imminent was because a law was being considered before the United States Congress in the late 1880's which would have made Sunday a nationally recognized holiday. In 1886, Mrs. White warned of the soon-coming end:

The end of all things is at hand. The time of trouble is about to come upon the people of God. Then it is that the decree will go forth forbidding those who keep the Sabbath of the Lord to buy or sell, and threatening them with punishment, and even death, if they do not observe the first day of the week as the Sabbath. (Historical Sketches, p. 156)

Then the unexpected happened. The Sunday law was defeated by Congress. While there may have been more than one reason the law was rejected, it was apparent that some in Congress felt the law would violate the separation between church and state. Besides, if the law was enacted, it would have likely been struck down by the Supreme Court. After this event, the Sunday Law movement lost steam and gradually turned its attention to other issues. By the early 1900's it was beginning to appear unlikely that a Sunday law was going to be passed any time in the near future. Adventists now had a dilemma on their hands. They needed to come up with an explanation as to how a Sunday law could possibly be passed given the current circumstances. The prophet Ellen White finally came up with an explanation in 1904:

When the Sabbath becomes the special point of controversy throughout Christendom, the persistent refusal of a small minority to yield to the popular demand will make them objects of universal execration. It will be urged that the few who stand in opposition to an institution of the church and a law of the state, ought not to be tolerated; that it is better for them to suffer than for whole nations to be thrown into confusion and lawlessness. This argument will appear conclusive; and against those who hallow the Sabbath of the fourth commandment will finally be issued a decree, denouncing them as deserving of the severest punishment, and giving the people liberty, after a certain time, to put them to death. (Youth Instructor, 7-12-1904)

By 1904, the scenario of an organized movement of religious leaders pushing Sunday legislation through Congress seemed unrealistic. Since a Sunday law now appeared extremely unlikely to occur under ordinary circumstances, there must be some extraordinary external event that triggers it. Thus, Ellen White concocts a new scenario in which the United States is faced with a sudden, terrible crisis. If the United States does not act to kill the Sabbath-keepers, there will be a terrible national catastrophe. During this horrific crisis the Sunday law will be justified by politicians who would, under normal circumstances, reject the law. However, in a crisis situation, they are convinced to pass a Sunday law in order to prevent the whole nation from being "thrown into confusion and lawlessness."

- excerpt

The Shaking of Adventism—A documented account of the crisis among Adventists over the doctrine of justification by faith
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Thanks for the time you have put in to checking this out.

We must always remeber there is balance to all scriptures. We can all put out scriptures to back what we believe. But many take verses out of the content of the entire scripture.

We can not pick and chose, but need to check it out for ourselves.

Too many just believe, because someone tells them and backs it with a few scriptures.

We must all take the time to check things out like you have.

Love your sister in Christ,


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