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The Almighty GOD is right there beside you at all times!

:love: The Almighty GOD is right there beside us at all times!
I see this many times, through a parent that cares deeply for their kids. For instance, if you saw your daughter or son fall, of coarse it's not your fault & it doesn't mean you wanted it to happen, right? In fact, your first reaction would be to quickly run over to her/him & gather her/him into your arms, comforting, caring & healing her/him with all the power with in yourself to do so. It's amazing how we can see GOD working in us - (even when we do not even realize it! And when our children are sad - we are sad. When our children are hurting - we are hurting as well! When they rejoice - we also rejoice. And the most amazing thing of all - is a fact - that - The One and Only Almighty GOD was/is & is right there - working through us all the while we where showing our love & care for our child. For when ever we are witnessing a mom or a dad loving, caring, healing, or even discipline their children, we are also witnessing The Almighty GOD working through us! This should also remind us all, that not only were we made in HIS Image but we also have inherited some of HIS loving {qualities} personality as well.
For this is exactly how The Almighty GOD love us {HIS children}. And when we fall he's there to lift us up (with HIS right hand), when we are hungry or thirsty HE feed us & gives us drink, when we are lost & cold HE gives us shelter & warmth, when we are sad, hurting or scared, HE too, wants to be there for us - to show us the way through. And THAT is what HIS Rules & Regulations are for - to protect us, because HE loves us.
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One of the neatest things about God is that He can be and is inside us and beside us at one and the same time.He is all around us as well as in us. Our God is indeed an Awesome God!

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Amen sister praise GOD! He is awesome always even when we're sinners, GOD will (out of His perfect love) discipline us. The list is of how awesome our GOD is, is infinite just like GOD Himself :)

Thank you Father GOD for your Son Jesus Christ and for Your Holy Spirit that dwells in us all who believe!