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Thanks for this site, I am new here

Hi all, My name is Colleen and I am new to this kind of form and to this site. I have enjoyed it so far. I live in Quebec, Canada and am a wife and a mother of one. I am not only new to this site but new to this provience. We recently moved here from another part of the country, I am having trouble setteling in here. Please pray for me and I will take any encoragement anyone has to offer. Thanks and God bless. God is good and Jesus lives forever
Staff Member
It is always great to see new members join this site. God Bless you Colleen and your family as well. Hope to see you active. I was born in Ontario province. Canada is a beautiful country and even Quebec is nice. More humble and laid back than New York thats for sure!
Hi, Colleen. I am new to this site also and have found it interesting. I will be praying for you and your family. By the way - my name is Jayne and I live in Port Orchard Washington.

"If God be for us, who can stand against us?"

Dear brother
Here I am praying to remove confusion and restlessness of your situation surely the Lord shall bring invisible angels and sound you and your family Ps.91 and 123 and 18 please read them and confess that you are child or God and I Cor.15:57 the Lord already taken victory over all our problems
Yes sometime its seems so hard and weird but still we have victory Ps.138:last verse says He shall perform everything for us.
Please take heart and be blessed
your brother

thanks a lot JPJ I wish to know what is the new link you have mentioned and wish to know more of your ministry etc
I am praying that the Lord may give all sort of help to grow and go for preach His Word
With His grace
Hi Colleen, it must be really hard trying to settle in a new place... Ive got relatives who also settled in other countries, Canada too, and it takes a lot of adjustment.. They say internet will be your first bestfriend so I hope you find talkJesus a comfort, join the forums & chat if you feel lonesome. I hope you will also find a new church where you can worship the Lord & meet new brethrens. Glad to meet you. :)