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Thank You...

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For my friend,who told me God gave her to me to help me..And made me feel special,and comfortable,and loved...

No words can escape me,
No heart can judge you,
Because you were there for me,
You saw me break down,
You saw my broken form,
My wings bleeding,
But you sat there-
And picked up the pieces.

A fall from grace,
Thank God you caught me,
Your smile so warm,
Your hug so gentle,
You're my hero,
I wish I could know you more,
But you don't see it
The same way.

You were the one that saved me,
Maybe,I just wish,
That I could return to it,
Peace in life's storms,
You told me that,I think,
If it weren't for you,
I'd be plotting suicide,
But you picked up the pieces.


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