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Thank You

Thank you

I just want to say thank you to everyone. I feel that thank you is a word sometimes used too little.

Thank you for everyone for the tons of prayers, warm words, encouragement and well just for being here for me.

These past few weeks has been a real testing time in faith but with all your support in so many ways – you kept me encouraged and well the Lord pulled me through.

My granny has been healed to such an extent that she will be released from hospital soon. She will however have to learn to walk again – but God has pulled her through and given me some more time to spend with her and to tell her how much I love her. My mom gave me a letter that I wrote to her 24 years ago to my granny and my gran kept it all the time.

God has showed me love in so many ways these past few weeks. He carried me when I was too tired to carry on. He let me calm down when I was doing too much. He even led me to a new church where I can really be myself in worship without people staring at you for worshipping from the heart.

He has given me friends that are pulling me through the tuff times. Friends that stayed awake with me till 4:30 am to encourage me and to tug me when needed. He has given me all of you.

So THANK YOU everyone for being such great friends, supports and family. Thank you for just being you.
I rejoice in your news.God is truly merciful.We were praying with you. May it please God to heal her completely.

Staff Member
GOD bless you sister. Glad to hear the good news! GOD is awesome and does mighty things in our lives. Where our faith lies, GOD works within that boundary.

Praise the Lord every day!


Glad to hear your Gran is on the mend. Let us thank God for each day he gives us.

God Bless :sun:
I am glad that you found encouragement at TalkJesus and the members who were there for you . May Gods peace rest upon your mind . :love: :boy_hug: :computer: Mike