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Thank you so much

I want to thank Jesus for making me feel whole. I have always felt half-full until these last 2 weeks.

During my Easter holidays I found Talk Jesus and have learned so much. I especially thank God for Jessi9's help and council through the holy spirit. I feel upheld where I was falling in a crumpled heap. Also, for the wonderful fellowship with all of you.

I feel I can cope. I feel the holy spirit working in me and Jesus walking with me for the first time ever. Through chatting and listening, reading and writing here, my heart opened. I think I have tried to lead a christian life but never really understood the holy spirit and didn't ever feel or believe it to be within me. BIC collared me at first. Then one night I was given passages by MMD, Tani, strypes and peeps (I think) and there in reading came a change, a real change, real belief and understanding. I'd wanted to open my heart but it was opened for me. I thank God soooo much for bringing me through the trials and uncertainty because now i understand why. I have been brought to know him and have learned i don't want to be apart from him. Prasie God.

Then I slumped very low and nearly pushed right away, massive slump and anger, doubt but Jessi was sent to bring me back I thank God that the holy spirit sent her to help. For I want never to be parted from Jesus and God's word. The new things I have learned cannot be written because it's soooo much I would write a 1000000000 wd essay. Praise God
And Thank you for all your prayers

Thank you all, I've been blessed to be brought here.

I hope my thirst grows more and more. I've accepted Jesus into my heart as well as my head. Thank you Jesus

God Bless you sleepy!! You are very loved here and by the Lord! Continue your faithfulness to Him, and He will be faithful to you!
Lots of love
God bless you Sleepy. It's always a great feeling when you grow closer to Christ. You are well and secured in him because he is Faithful.

We all have something to obtain as we grow and further develop. Keep with the word! Read Psalm 23 =)

BTW, your signature is quite funny.
Staff Member
God bless you sleepy :) Praise GOD for His grace on all of us.

I want to thank you all who help each other out on this board. Your a blessing to each other and a blessing to me also.

Thank you Jesus!