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testimony about a miracle

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Dear Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!
You are invited to hear a testimony, what happended in my family.
I remember that once my father and I were praying together.
After the prayer, the Lord said to me, "Your father is completely cured".
We were merry up to the heavens, but did not realize what really happened.
But when my father was shaving his beard, he cut his skin and it started bleeding.
Before God's therapy, my father suffered all his life of hemophilia, when the bleeding endures for a long time and big quantities of blood are lost.
So after the skin was cut, my dad saw that the bleeding was just for a few minutes, and stopped.
That means, that he was cured according to God's word and it was in fact true!

I just want to say, that Jesus makes wondrous things, believe Him!


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