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Testimonies of Deliverance

I invite you to share your experience of being delivered from any type of bondage. The emphasis here is what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now. I'll share a brief personal testimony of my own experience with God, and His grace and mercy He showed me. For the complete story, if interested, you may visit www.geocities.com/mrcalvinearl

At the age of 13yrs. old I was introduced to alcohol. I liked the way it removed the pain of my troubled past. It wasn't long after this I was introduced to marijuana. Soon to follow was the pills and powder. I thought I had found the perfect solution to all of my problems, past, present and future.

In high school my behavior from my addiction became extremely reckless. My grades began to fall, I became involved in lucrative sexual conduct, and I was facing "normal" teenage problems. My addiction was running my life, and my life was out of control. At the age of 18yrs. old I had become familiar with "black-outs," but it never deterred me.

Suddenly, I began having nightmares, I would see a long black tunnel, but at the end of the tunnel was a light. I knew this was my life. As time went on the light got smaller and smaller, as if to be getting consumed by the dark surroundings. The light was almost totally engulfed, when I woke up one day in tears. On April 29,1996 the fear woke me up, I was crying, my body felt like all of its energy had been depleted, I knew I was now fighting for my life. I had always believed in God, but never knew God. For the first time in my life I went to my knees in prayer, all alone in my barren apartment, with a face full of tears, I cried out to God. I told Him I did not want to die, I asked Him to spare my life and help me do what I was unable to do myself, survive.

I did not know how I would live day-to-day being sober, I did not know how I would face life's pains and hurts sober, I did know how to conduct myself around people being sober, but I did have only the faith of a mustard seed. When I checked myself into the hospital I was drinking 1/5 of Crown Royal daily, every day. I don't know how much pot I was smoking, cocaine & pills.

I took my recovery as serious as I did my addiction. After 3 months I graduated from the half way & continued the recovery work. I continued attending meetings and began sponsoring others who were still suffering. My faith in God became strong, my self-esteem was restored, I finally felt joy and peace in my heart.

I then met and married my third wife, she accepted me and my recovery, but she had a surprise for me. One Sunday morning I agreed to attend church with her, here she introduced me to Jesus Christ, & I was slain in the Spirt. He accepted me with open arms, with no regard for my shaky past. I was intrigued by this, a new interest was sparked within me. I wanted to learn more about the Man, the more I learned the more I wanted to learn. The spark soon turned into a flame, a burning desire to follow Him. I realized that the void in my life can not be filled with drugs, alcohol or women, ironically quite the opposite, sobriety, love and a man, Jesus Christ.

By allowing God to take total control of my life He has blessed me with all of my dreams and desires, I have a beautiful, Godly wife and family, a nice home in the country, and the ability to share my experiences, strength and hope with those still suffering. It is my prayers that someone will be touched by this testimony and they too may enjoy a life filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing me to share, may God's peace be with you.
Staff Member
Thank you Calvin for your great testimony. Stories like these give people hope and confidence that GOD is real, Christ is real amen.
Thank you for sharing that! I love hearing stories of how People have become saved. What an amazing Daddy we serve! Amen
hey thanks guys,
would either of you like to share how God transformed your lives? Remember this is all about Him, so it's ok to boast about our loving Father, Amen? I am just so grateful He chose to save a "wrech like me"

May God bless you and yours abundantly,
Praise the Lord !!

The devil is a liar, Amen?! Where we see no way, God will make a way for His People! AMEN!!!!
When the enemy says we can't.....we know we can do all things through CHRIST that strengthens us !! AMEN!!!

It is so good to hear of testimonies of God's Love and Power!!
Thank you Jesus for each one and the testimony they have to share. Anoint each one Father God, as they share their testimony to others, Father God, Thank you again for deliverance, and healing, Thank you Jesus, In Jesus Name AMEN
Thank you Calvin Earl - what a testamony - all for the Glory for Our Lord. I cling to my Faith and Hold On to the Word - and Know that the Lord is going to completely deliver my daughter Lisa from her heroin addiction - Your testamony gave me even more Faith, cause I know the Lord is going to deliver her, amen. Miracles are still happening daily in peoples lives. Amen.
For I know the plans and purposes I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 . Amen.
I admire your courage to share your daughter's situation with me. Once the enemy is exposed he begins to lose power, for he likes operating in secretcy & darkness. But once we shed light (Jesus) on the darkness & expose the enemy for what he really is, we get prayer support, fellowship support, love, grace, mercy, etc. Only Christ holds the keys to true freedom, Amen? I will keep Lisa in my prayers.

In His unfailing love,