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test for college for tomorrow

Staff Member
I will pray for you under one condition, you must study :p LOL :)

Just kidding. You'll pass. Put your heart into studying and master it like Christ masters the world. :)
Hey Chad,
Don't stress over it just ask the Lord to bring it back to your remembrance and you'll do fine. I had to take a test last week and I done fine. Study and then give it to the Lord!
Praise the Lord

Father God I bring Thomas, boldly before Your Throne room of Grace, right now, Father God, through the shed blood of Jesus, I lift up Thomas to You. Dear God, You see this ones heart, and I ask Father that just as Jesus spoke to the winds and the waves, that even now You'd speak and calm the storms for him in his mind. The worries would vanish and this one would be free to study, and understand, and remember .
Father God bestow blessings upon this one, bestoy joy everlasting, overflowing and unspeakable and full of Glory.
Father God, may all that this one touches be made to flourish.
Lead this ones life, today and forever Father God. May goodness and mercy follow thomas all the days of his life. May he always look to You in all his ways, may You always guide his paths.
Father God, have your way in this ones life, and Holy Ghost touch this one, and show the Power of God to him.
There is nothing too hard for You to do, Father..
I ask all of this in Jesus Mighty Name