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After the wonderful time I had last night here I turned on the television.There are usually a couple of christian evangelists on. It was amazing it was almost like everyone using the Name of Jesus last night was ON. I dont know when the show last night was recorded but it did echo the Day.I enjoy studying them and seeing where they stand relative to God's Word. it.Call it what you may but testing the spirits is a recreation for me.Id like to know what others think about Dr Gene Scott and Harold Camping and Jack Van Impe and Roxanne and Kenneth Copeland,Arnold Murray I cant think of any others names off hand. Let me know of any other real characters out there in Tv land that I can look up a webpage on..
I am happy to see that you are hungry for JESUS CHRIST . There are many people on t.v. , thats for sure . Remember that the bible is the final authority , so you must spend time reading it for yourself . Every one of the FATHERS children have something to offer , however , the bible also teaches that we know in part , so therefore ,we speak in part . It takes maturity to determine the truth from the false , thats why devotions are most important . One thing I can tell you is that GODS blessings are not for sale , but rather a gift from GOD through obedience , and grace ! Read , read , read !
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I am familiar and respect the following televangelists:

1. Joel Osteen
2. Billy Graham
3. Kenneth Copeland
4. Jack Van Impe
I'm not sure if he counts as a televangelist but dr. Charles Stanley is my favorite. I like the way he speaks and his bible in hand teaching style of preaching is a very nice. Also, not being a catholic, and not understanding that much Polish makes it difficult to go to church. You can download his sermons online, for free, if you just search under Intouch ministeries. I listen to one every sunday and have found them qutie beneficial.
I like to hear Joyce Meyers, I've been to one of her preachings when she visited over here in Belfast and packed out a great auditorium, I also think it's very 'money' orintated but it's not demanded or your not pressured, I also like Andrew Wommack but unfortunatly didn't get to his when he was here only last month.
Have heard Kenneth Copeland and his wife Gloria, and Benny Hinn, theres another one called Steve....can't remember his surname, think he's a bit much.
Ashimaloa, and another Black preacher can't remember his name just now, I think preach well,
I remember Billy Grahame from years ago, I remember getting saved at one of his missions here, when I was only 16years of age now that's all of 36years ago.....seems like another time and space I didn't keep it up I remember thinking it's too hard I can't do it, I didn't realize we dont do it, I didnt understand it's throught the Lord's enabling I wasn't 'churched' very well in them days, not the way I understand now,
I really would have loved now looking back if I had've kept to the narrow way, but no point in thinking like that as thats yesterday and thats gone today is were we're at and not even a thought for tomorrow, one step at a time. Amen.
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Joyce Meyers is great. I would stay away from Hinn (dont' mean it judgmentally but ask anyone on the board, you'll see).

Although not a televangelist, you know Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life) is THE man for books (one of the best). GOD has blessed him with the great book Purpose Driven Life. So awesome.
Thnks Everyone for posting

Thanks everyone for your posts!!!Im trying to pic some topics that are pertinant.One thing about Tv Evangelsits is they all have to project a real personality with Zeal.Kenneth Copeland seems to be the comedian of the Bunch.I mean that in a true not degenerative sense.He really gets pumped up. I do however have the same problem alot of Christians do with the tv format.$$$$$$$$$$$$ We have the Lord's prayer and that will do for me.I dont really get into prosperity preaching.Peace JHS Christan
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I attempt to give you a couple more links. I guess it is ok if it is not a forum link since a hypertext option is available above the text box,
if not of corse render them inactive Chad and sorry - Thanks. Not that I listen or browse much, I barely can find time for here let alone all over the place, only listing a few that I have came across to help you with your post!


I personally have enjoyed the teachings of:
Joyce Meyer
Joel Osteen
David Wilkerson
Billy Graham
there are others, but don't want to overwhelm you. Do use caution when listening - not all are working to further God's Kingdom.

I agree that The Purpose Driven Life is an awesome book. Anything by Max Lucado is also.
Hope this helps.
I love Max Lucado books, I've recently read 'Just like Jesus' brilliant, also Tony Campolo is a Pastor who writes books read, 'Let me Tell you A Story' also just as great.
The book 'Surviving a Spritual Mismatch' is very worth reading if your in that situation, which I am, as my husband is unsaved, can't think of the author of hand but can get it if anyone is interested in knowing Christain name is Leslie she is the wife ah, it's Leslie Strobell married to Lee, he was an athiest too, and came to the Lord, just by watching her really. It's a marvelous book, I highly recommend it.
The Lord gifted me to read, as I was not a 'reader' at all, and it was only when I started to, well tried to read the Bible and prayed for the Lord to enable me to read it, well answered prayer, now I read book after book, but all spiritual books. I get so much out of them.
Recommend some you've read please.
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I do suggest you all check out the links on the home page, right side column. These are all great sites and many rich in resources to help your studies, teachings, growth and so forth.