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Teen pregnancy.

I am asking for prayer for specifically my friend who turned 16 this past July and had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago. She's so young and she needs help. She's losing her friends because we work and we go to school and she home-schools. I know that it's got to be hard and a struggle for everyone so please pray for them.
I will pray for your friend.
I think it's awesome that she had the baby and did not have an abortion.
That alone shows that she wants to make positive choices.
I will not pray for her to have an easy life because, let's face it, it's not going to happen. But I will pray for her strength and her desire to continue to make good choices. I will also pray that God will bring positive influences into her life, like good friends like you. :D
I was a young mom as well. And it can be hard. But God created your friends special little baby. Its great that she didnt have an abortion. I'll pray that God would help her through this and that he would guide her.