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Teen Bible Discussion

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Went are you free to have Teen Bible Discussion?

  • 1 every 2 weeks?

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  • 1 a month

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Come one come all teens. I can start Bible Discussion again but I need your help. Please reply to this post and maybe we can have Teen Bible Discussion going again.
We could meet every:
  1. Week
  2. 2 Weeks
  3. 1 a month
If you are interested please relpy to this post I really look forward to seeing Teen Bible Discuission running again. Also I would love to have us fellow teens meetting to talk about different things from the Bible.
We also need a Moderator or adult of the kind to keep a constant eye on what we are doing to keep a report that can be given to Chad after the meets so please PM me or reply to this post telling me if you as a teen want to come or as a Moderator to keep an eye on some teen at a 1 time a week or 1 time a month eye on us teens.
Thank you for your time and please help me to get Teen Bible Discussion up and running once again.

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