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Teacher get face ripped off by drill press

this happened in my home town just the other day...there is a follow up email to my wife on here condition

Alicia Berry, a third-grade teacher at Burns Elementary School, was in critical condition Tuesday in a Louisville hospital after undergoing hours of surgery following an accident at her family's machine shop in Masonville.

Berry's hair was caught in a drill press at 3:43 p.m. Monday, according to the 911 dispatch report. She suffered severe injuries to her face, eyes and scalp.

Berry just completed her first year as a teacher at Burns. She was working at ORE Reclamation Co. at 7420 U.S. 231 in Utica. The business is owned by her parents, Trudy and Oliver Berry.

"Alicia is well-supported right now by her church, family and friends," said the Rev. Greg Faulls, pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church.

Several people are with the young woman and her family at Louisville's University Hospital.

"Alicia is a bright spot in our church," Faulls said. "She volunteers in our children and youth areas, and the kids just love her."

Her parents were too distraught Tuesday to comment on the accident.

"We've been in constant contact with her and her family through a teacher who is there with her," said Amy Shutt, Burns Elementary School principal. "She's been through a traumatic experience, and for right now we're just lifting her up in our prayers."

Other colleagues from the school will be going to Louisville to support her Friday, Shutt said.

"She's an outstanding person who loves life and is so kind-hearted," Shutt said. "We're a little bit in shock; when you work with someone day in and day out and this happens, it's difficult."

Debra Lanham, Burns Middle School's music teacher, is among Alicia Berry's friends at the hospital, and she is keeping colleagues informed, Shutt said.

Lanham and Berry were friends through Bellevue Baptist Church before becoming colleagues at Burns Elementary School.

Here the latest update on Alicia (as of 9:00 pm Tuesday) - some of you may
>>have gotten an email from Greg with some of this info, however, I have
>>new information / prayer requests for you.
>>I got to see Alicia around 12:30 today. The surgeons did an amazing job
>>with the reattachment, but she is, of course, quite swollen and has two
>>black eyes. She is still on a respirator (and will be for a few days), so
>>she can't speak, but she is awake and aware and is able to communicate
>>(mostly by sign language with Debra Lanham). She has a cracked vertebrae
>>(C2) and a cracked bone in one of her cheeks, and is in a neck brace. Her
>>main complaint is the breathing tube; she's ready to get it out ASAP.
>>Trudy and Oliver are doing better; they are getting set for a long
>>stay. Brandon flew in this morning. He is planning to stay for several
>>Pastor Greg called me around 6:00 to let me know that she has been sent
>>to surgery. The latest update I got at 9:00 was that the doctors had
>>a blood clot in one of the reattached vessels, and had removed everything
>>they reattached last night. They have cleared the clot and are hoping the
>>this will start blood flow to some areas that were not getting enough
>>supply. They were expecting another 2 hours of surgery to reattached
>>everyone again. Pray for Alicia as she comes through her 2nd major
>>in 24 hours, and that the reattachment will show all signs of being
>>I'll send out another update tomorrow morning when I hear from Greg - he's
>>traveling to Louisville to see everyone.
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Staff Member
This is really sad. I truly feel sorry for this young lady.

Let us pray for her, in Jesus' name. Pray for fast healing and that is, absolute complete healing. Pray for her emotional healing as well.
Staff Member
Father You are a God of miracles and I pray for a mighty miracle for this lady and that the breathing tube will be removed fast as she is asking. I thank You that You answer our prayers even before we ask and I pray for a total healing from the top of her head to the soles of her feet in Jesus' name and for His glory amen.

I know that God will get all the glory when she is healed. God is still in control.

God bless you.

LLJ :love: :rainbow: :rose:
Jesus is Lord

Heavenly Father I ask that your power of healing flow through her body. Lord remove the pain and help her emotionally. Lord I ask that you bring comfort to this family, send your Holy Spirt to dwell within them.

Bless them Lord.
Let your will be done.

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