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by Betty Miller

The Bible warns us against tattoos in Leviticus 19:28 (Amplified) which says, "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord."

I know some will have a hard time receiving this teaching because tattooing has now become an accepted practice in our society. However, just because society approves of something does not make it right in God's eyes. Our society at large, also approves of abortion and divorce as well. However, the Bible makes it clear that God doesn't approve of these things.

In sharing this teaching, I am not trying to condemn anyone who already has a tattoo; but rather to warn those who are considering getting one. God loves us, and even when we make mistakes in poor judgment, He doesn't condemn us, but rather tries to help overcome the consequences of those mistakes. Having a tattoo will not keep anyone from serving the Lord. We know some very godly people who have tattoos and are serving the Lord and their tattoos do not interfere with what God is doing through them. Anything Satan tries to use for evil, God can turn and use it for good when we commit totally to Him. God takes us as we are and uses us if we will yield to His will. God will use any of us when we come out of the world and start serving Him with our whole hearts to do His will. Our past is under the blood of Jesus and the sins and mistakes of the past will not hinder our God in our serving Him. Only a hard and unrepentant heart keeps us tied to the old life.

There are many dedicated and sincere Christian people that have tattoos. This article is not meant to say they do not love the Lord. God not only can use them, but does use them. The issue is not whether God can use someone, but rather should Christians pursue getting tattoos? Just because something is popular does not mean it is right. We should always examine things by the "roots and the fruits" of the thing in question.

Tattooing Has Witchcraft "Roots"

In addition to the above verse, Scripture also warns us not to disfigure our bodies in following verses:

1 Kings 18:28: "And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them."

Deuteronomy 14:1(Amplified): "Ye are the sons of the LORD your God; you shall not cut yourselves, nor make any baldness on your foreheads for the dead."

When it speaks here about doing this in relation to the dead; this was a witchcraft rite done to mourn or remember their dead. Therefore tattooing, cutting one's body and shaving one's head in defiance have their origin in witchcraft practices. Tattoos have their "roots" in witchcraft. Many young people today are doing these very things because of some evil witchcraft influences in their lives that they are unaware of. They do not realize that partaking of these can open the door to wrong and defiling influences in their lives. Evil videos, depraved rock music albums, wicked Internet games and violent movies are displaying evil trends in order to destroy our youth. Satanic tattoos, skin heads and other cultic rites are opening many of our children to demonization.

This is what makes it spiritually dangerous for people. People do not realize displaying a satanic mark or symbol can open the door for Satanic attack which allows the enemy entrance in their lives. It is not the mark itself, but rather the sin behind it. Today this practice is growing because of the spread of False Religions. Some people are so hideously covered with tattoos that their appearances look evil. Others, only have small tattoos that they believe are trendy or artistic.

Now this article is not meant to hurt or offend those that have tattoos, but rather to help people avoid getting tattoos that later on they might regret (especially young people). Many tattoos have evil and witchcraft themes that are portrayed as devil faces, skulls, ugly demonic signs, vulgar pictures, etc. These things hurt the human spirit, just as satanic displays of any kind do. Some tattoos are obviously Satanic as they look devilish, while others may be flowers or innocent looking names or objects but it is the spirit behind this compromise that makes it dangerous for a Christian. God loves the person who has tattoos just as He loves all of us. However, He would rather we did not deface our bodies in any fashion.

Some people object to using Old Testament scripture as a reference to tattoos since the New Testament doesn't speak of these things. However, in the New Testament we are even called to a higher law. We are to have God's laws written in our hearts. When we remain close to the Lord and obey Him, He can direct us in things that are not good for us. For example although the Bible does not say, "Thou shalt not smoke" or "Drug addiction is bad for you;" we know that these things are destructive to the human body. In the New Testament, we are told to glorify God in our bodies. This would include not marring our bodies with tattoos, as the principles in the Bible clearly tell us it is wrong to defile our bodies.

Our Bodies Are a Temple

When the Lord created man and woman and placed them in the garden along with His other creations. He spoke these words in Genesis 1:31, "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day." When the Lord created the human body, He pronounced that the way He created it was very good. The Lord desires that our bodies be a reflection of His own beauty. When people tattoo their bodies they are tampering with what the Lord said was very good the way He made it. We should never mark our bodies as this is unnatural. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are admonished not to defile them. Tattoos on one's body is like graffiti on a wall. Having tattoos on our bodies does not glorify God.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20: "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."

What is it within man that makes us dissatisfied with the way the Lord made each of us? Most people are not happy with the way they look so they seek ways that will cause them to feel better about themselves or cause others to accept them. This is not wrong when it comes to having good grooming habits, but we need to understand true beauty comes from within, not from what we wear or how we look. When the emphasis is put on the outward appearance we can be ensnared in vanity, rejection, fear, pride and even racial discrimination. One of the most wonderful things about receiving the Lord is that He wants to deliver us from the outward things that we think we need to feel good about ourselves. When we are in sin we do not feel worthy or acceptable, but through Christ we are. When we can fully walk in the knowledge that we are acceptable before God through Christ, we are then free to be the person God made us to be without having to create a different image. Many people are consumed with trying to be different or become acceptable not only by getting a tattoo but by other things as well.

Some Christians argue that they have the name Jesus or some Biblical word or sign tattooed on their body so they can witness by the tattoo. However, God is more concerned how we are living our lives than by displaying a religious mark on our body. That is not the highest way He would have us witness. The Lord would rather us witness to others by the character of Christ being demonstrated in our lives than display Christian slogans that many times are not matched by the life of Christ. Certainly, the Lord can use a tattoo of a cross or other religious symbol when a Christian has one of these as God knows the heart of the one who truly wants to share Christ with others. However, it is not necessary to use any worldly thing to attract sinners. It is the Holy Spirit who draws people to Christ through any yielded vessel of the Lord. When we pray and witness to others the Lord will cause them to listen.

Just because a person has had a tattoo, it will not prevent God from using people to witness nor keep them from being a minister of God. God looks on the heart and can use different things to testify of Christ's love, even tattoos. However, well- meaning people can be deceived in their methods of evangelism.

The Youth Culture and Tattoos

I really believe that one of the compromises we see today is parents allowing their children to mark or tattoo their bodies. Christians can look at someone who has tattoos all over them and know by discernment that it is not God, but the same Christians may get a small tattoo themselves or allow their children to have one without thinking anything about it. Toy makers today even sell washable ink transfer kits so children can mark their bodies with designs. This may seem like a harmless game but this is the enemy preparing or setting up our children early to receive real tattoos later on.

Many young people today do not realize that they may be sorry in the future that they chose to put tattoos on their bodies today. We know of many people who have said to us that they wish they had not been foolish when they were young as now they must live with the reminder of what they did when they were young. Only a few people have the money to have them removed by laser.

Years ago our young boys in the military had to go to foreign lands to get a tattoo, now tattoo parlors are everywhere because our nation here in the U.S.A. has opened its doors to many heathen practices and false religions. Another danger in receiving tattoos is a medical one through faulty procedures. One of the latest discoveries of another way AIDS is being transmitted is through contaminated ink or dirty tattoo needles. If fresh ink is not used, then the last person who was tattooed who had any kind of transmittable disease could leave behind that virus or bacteria. Not only Aids, but Hepatitis as well, has been traced to tattoo ink and needle contamination.

Some young people are having them done in defiance and rebellion to their parent's wishes because they want to be like their friends. This is displeasing to God as the Lord tells children to honor and obey their parents.

Colossians 3:20: "Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord."

The reason so many people are deceived on this issue, as well as others, is that there is a lack of knowledge in the things of God and a lack of discernment in the body of Christ. Hosea 4:6a says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Many have not been taught nor grounded in the Word of God. We as church leadership owe an apology to the youth of our day because many of us have failed in our responsibility to speak out on the issues of the day and have allowed the influences of the world to shape our society. Many Christian parents have failed in their responsibility also, as they have been too involved in chasing the American Dream instead of raising our children in the nurture and admonition of God as commanded in the Bible. Ephesians 6:4: "And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."

One note of warning to the church on this subject of tattoos. We have a generation now of young people that love the Lord yet do not understand all of His ways. Soon we are also going to be seeing a great revival among the youth of the world. The youth of this day want a real cause to live and die for. Most have not seen true Christianity. However, when they do come to Christ many will be bringing their tattoos, dress, music and old habits with them right into the church. We must be sure that we do not despise them nor look down on them, but rather welcome and love them and gently teach them the ways of the Lord. We are called to love and pray for them and help them avoid making some of the mistakes we have made in our own walk with the Lord. We need to be true mothers and fathers to them. Yes, we must speak the truth in love, but let us make sure we are loving them and not condemning them. On the other hand, we must not accept all that they would desire to bring with them that would harm them and compromise the Word of God. We will all need God's grace to bridge the generation gap. We would recommend a great article written by a young Christian on this very subject. Click here to read "Bridging the Generation Gap."

If you, through ignorance, have received a tattoo or allowed your children to have one, you should pray against any evil or witchcraft that may have come through the circumstances when that tattoo was received. Some people receive tattoos before they are "born again" and after they are touched by the Lord, they wish they had never had it done. The Lord loves you, so do not come under any condemnation, just pray over them and ask the Lord to remove any spiritual influences denoted by the tattoo and He will do it. The Lord looks on our hearts and motives and judges us by those, not our outward appearance. However, if the tattoo bothers you and you cannot cover it, you can have it removed by laser surgery.

The bottom line for this issue would be to ask the popular youth slogan, "What Would Jesus Do?" I don't believe we will ever see Jesus with a tattoo. The only scars on His body are the ones put there by evil men that crucified Him. They were not self inflicted. Overcomers will put away anything that leads to bigger compromises.

This article was taken from the Overcoming Life Digest (Jan./Feb. 1997 Issue); click here to view Digest

Testimony Regarding Tattoos

When I was in high school I really wanted to get a tattoo and a body piercing. So, during high school I got a body piercing (in my bellybutton). Shortly after I graduated from high school I got a tattoo. Neither action was well thought-out, but more of a spur of the moment thing. In fact, I’m grateful that the man who did my tattoo wouldn’t do what I originally wanted. He told me to go home and really think about it until I knew what I wanted and where I wanted it. If he would have done whatever I wanted at that moment, I would be even more regretful at this point. So, I ended up getting something I thought I would want for the rest of my life on my ankle. Now, about five years after I got my tattoo I have a scar where my body piercing was and a tattoo that I wish I didn’t have.

I got a navel piercing and tattoo to be different and cool. After a while of having both, I didn’t care much about showing them off. It really surprised me in a way when people would point to me and ask me about my tattoo. It started to annoy me that when certain people noticed my body piercing or tattoo, I suddenly had become more cool in their eyes. I felt like they liked me more, only after they had found out that I was the type of person who would have a body piercing or tattoo.

Shortly after I got my tattoo, I realized that a lot more people from many different groups of society were getting body piercings and tattoos. The trend of tattoos and body piercings was becoming popular among more and more people regardless of what "group" they were in (i.e. the "rebellious" crowd, as well as the more average straight-laced group of people).

After a few years I got sick of my body piercing because so many other people were doing the same thing. Then it came down to deciding whether I wanted metal or a scar. I chose the scar.

Here’s why:

After I was touched by the Lord I was told by a friend that body piercing and tattoos were wrong because the Bible said so. I was immediately defensive and confused. I wanted to follow the Lord and do what was right in His eyes. So, while I was with my friend one time we decided to look it up in our NIV Bibles for ourselves. We found Leviticus 19:28: "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord."

We couldn’t find anything that directly said you should not pierce your body. In fact, I was surprised to see in certain parts of Scripture that women wore nose rings in the Old Testament. For instance, Abraham’s servant gave Rebekah a nose ring as a gift when he knew he had found the right wife for Isaac (Genesis 24:34-51 NIV). I believe, however, that nose rings were common in their culture, just as common as earrings have been in American culture for a long time. Therefore, there is not the same reasons behind Rebekah wearing a nose ring as someone in America might have today. It would be as simple as her being given earrings today.

I decided to pray about whether it was right for me to have a body piercing and tattoo. During the time I was praying and seeking God about this the Lord led me to Scriptures such as 1 Corinthians 6:19 NIV: "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body."

I was also convicted by 1 Corinthians 3:16 NIV: "Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple."

I felt that I had harmed my body by tattooing it and piercing it. I passed out when I got my body pierced and came close to passing out when I got my tattoo. Basically, I went through a lot of pain to look cool. I felt that it was wrong for me to have pierced and tattooed my body, especially because of the reasons behind both--vanity and pride. Between vanity and pride and harming my body that the Lord had created I knew that I had sinned. Now I can see that I was not honoring God with my body by piercing it and putting a permanent mark on it. Although I was able to remove my piercing, my tattoo is not something that I can just wash away. It is on my leg to stay.

I know the Lord has forgiven me. His grace and love are so amazing. I was living a sinful, ungodly life and then I found the Lord. Jesus died for us all and God raised Him from the dead so that our sins can be forgiven and that we may be cleansed of our iniquities. Now, we can enter into an amazing love relationship with Him. God did this all through Jesus! The point of this testimony is to share how I was convicted of sin in my life. It doesn’t matter what the sin was. We all need to repent and follow the Lord. If we love Him, we will obey Him.

John 14:15 NIV: "If you love me, you will obey what I command."

1 John 5:3-5 NIV: "This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God."
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thats kind of neat to hear stuff like that. very interesting! I realy enjoyed reading that! Thanks Chad!
I do not agree with this. In the same passages in leviticus that the non-tattoo Christians bring up it also tells us not to eat red meat and to not wear clothes sown by more than 2 threads. It is old testament. A lot of it doesnt apply to today.
This chapter of Leviticus also tells us not to steal, cheat, lie, dishonor our parents, worship idols, take God's name in vain, be stingy, show favoritism, slander, endanger others, hate others, seek revenge, keep a grudge, not to sleep with someone else's intended, practice witchcraft, send our daughters to be prostitutes, go to psychics, disrespect the elderly, mistreat strangers, break the Sabbath and it tells us to practice honesty in our business dealings.
Is any of this outdated?
In Romans 14:20 it states that all food is clean. and 1Corinthians tells us to eat anything sold in the meat market because the earth is the Lord's and everything in it.
But nowhere in the bible does it tell us that tattoos are ok. In fact, the only time that tattos are mentioned is in Leviticus 19:28 when it tells us not to have them.
So I do agree with this and I'd like to say thank you for posting it Chad, it's helped me to minister to a friend of mine who wanted to know if it was ok to get a tattoo.
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lordsria said:
This chapter of Leviticus also tells us not to steal, cheat, lie, dishonor our parents, worship idols, take God's name in vain, be stingy, show favoritism, slander, endanger others, hate others, seek revenge, keep a grudge, not to sleep with someone else's intended, practice witchcraft, send our daughters to be prostitutes, go to psychics, disrespect the elderly, mistreat strangers, break the Sabbath and it tells us to practice honesty in our business dealings.
Is any of this outdated?
In Romans 14:20 it states that all food is clean. and 1Corinthians tells us to eat anything sold in the meat market because the earth is the Lord's and everything in it.
But nowhere in the bible does it tell us that tattoos are ok. In fact, the only time that tattos are mentioned is in Leviticus 19:28 when it tells us not to have them.
So I do agree with this.

... and I disagree ... so whats your point?
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Elmo is banned don't worry. He has no value to this site so he is gone for good
this is a touchy subject for me as i do have tats.. i dont believe god loves me any less for having them.. but i also dont plan on getting anymore..

i honestly think in some cases having them has helped me witness to those that are not saved and into the same things i was before i got saved.. they dont see me as the classic christian ( nice shirt, shoes, looking all happy go lucky and dorky at times) i dont mean that as a bad thing! but in the eyes of alot of unsaved ppl into the drugs and punk scene as i use to be that is what they see a christian as.. I believe god has and will use me (as i am) to witness to people that have a bad mental picture of what it means to follow the lord.. do i think god wanted me to get them? no i dont! but if anyone can turn the bad into something good its him.
anyway thats my $.02
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I also Have a tat and I have felt put down because I have one. I agree with Drew that it helps when talking with unsaved and that I am not less loved because of it. I honestly didnt know that tattoos were in the bible (baby christian) so that was cool to find out ty
Chad and others:

You can read Biblical passages and apply them in so many ways. While Chad certainly can do so in his application of those passages to tatoos, just be aware that it is one application. Others may have different ideas and they should be respected as well.

The real big deal about tatoos is not necessarily Biblical. It's the needles. My wife worked for years in liver transplant research. She has lot's of stories about liver disease caused by the use of dirty needles used to draw tatoos.

Speaking of tatoos .... I just can't resist a little joke...

In 50 years nursing homes will be filled with old ladies (and old men) wearing tatoos.

If I may explain something to you .... tatoos as people use them for body art are not mentioned explicitly in the Bible. Chad is taking an OT scripture and "interpreting" it to apply to modern day tatoos. That is just one person's opinion. There is no need for you to feel put down.

Actually the body cuttings mentioned Leviticus were made as part of pagan religious ceremonies.... that's why they were outlawed. So as long as you do not use tatoos as a part of some pagan religious expression, you are ok. I wouldn't let people judge you for having a tatoo. Go on being the loving christian you are.

Just be aware that there are dangers with tatooing (as I am sure you are).... infection and illness.
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Thank you all for replying. Plese read the "sticky" thread on this forum. I made it clear that these are *not* my articles but taken from Bible.com and written by the credited bible scholars (random).
Chad said:
Thank you all for replying. Plese read the "sticky" thread on this forum. I made it clear that these are *not* my articles but taken from Bible.com and written by the credited bible scholars (random).

"TATTOOS" - After reading your posts I have a question. Those of you that have a tattoo and say that it helps you in your witness to those who are unsaved, forgive me but that doesn't really sink in. Could it be that you had your tattoo put on before you were saved and now you are trying to justify your decision?

How many of you were saved first but had a tattoo put on later? I know many brothers and sisters in our church that had one put on during their youth group days, some did it out of defiance to their parents.

My good pastor friend in San Francisco was a former biker with his tattoo on his big arm. This is visible with his shirt and tie on Sundays when he gives God's Word.

My point is the unsaved is not going to be impressed with your tattoo. The Holy Spirit is going to intercede and cultivate the seed you plant in the brother or sister so they can have eternal life with our Father. Your tattoo is your personal decision and your business. If God has a say in it He will most likely put it in your heart to not let it get in the way of your good witness.

I once had a tattoo but it was in my heart take it off so I washed it with soap and water. The next time I bought a box of cracker jacks I made sure the prize was not a tattoo. Personally, I can't make that kind of decision because I am a coward and won't have a needle pricking ink in my skin or an ear ring in my lobe.


Your brother in Christ Jesus.
Chad said:
Thank you all for replying. Plese read the "sticky" thread on this forum. I made it clear that these are *not* my articles but taken from Bible.com and written by the credited bible scholars (random).

I just assume that if you are putting an article written by somebody else, you concur with the statements made in the article. In other words if you didn't have an issue with tattoos, why would you have put the article out there.

I did read the sticky. You assert that the articles from Bible.com are truth not opinion which indicates to me that what you concur with the articles you post here.

The article on tattoos is clearly opinion in that the author takes scriptures and applies them to tattoing. Example: cutting in Lev. is not the same as tattoing.. but the author makes the connection therefore it is opinion.

I don't mean to be harsh here, but people (even some who call themselves Biblical Scholars) frequenly have some pet issue such as tattoing then go to the Bible to find scriptures they can interpret to support their claims about the issue.

This is what the author of this article did... and it's not right to impose one's opinion on others as if it is the truth. To make someone who has a tattoo feel bad or question their spirituality because you have a thing about it is judgemental and inappropriate. Not you personally but the author.

I don't mind if you continue to put articles like this on the forum. But when someone presents an article like this one ... I will question it and call them on it ... because it's just not right.
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strypes said:
I have a Question.....How many people that don't have tattos...eat their steak rare?....just a thought.....

Liviticus 19 : 26 "Do not eat any meat with blood still in it. Do not practice any kind of magic. 27 Do not cut the hair on the sides of your head or trim your beard 28 or tattoo yourselves or cut gashes in your body to mourn for the dead. I am the Lord. 29 "Do not disgrace your daughters by making them temple prostitutes; if you do, you will turn to other gods and the land will be full of immorality.

Look a the context.... tattoos and gashes TO MOURN FOR THE DEAD... a pagan religious practice. Giving daughters as TEMPLE PROSTITUTES .... a pagan religious practice. Don't practice MAGIC.... a pagan religous practice. Is it safe to assume from the context that all of things have some relation to pagan religious practices ... eating meat with blood, cutting the hair??? I think so.

This passage has nothing to do with tattooing as body art or eating rare steaks. It has to do with participating in pagan religious practices.

Your point is well made ... if you are going to take this passage out of context and apply it to body art tattooing, then you'd better not eat rare meat, or cut your hair, you'd better grow a beard and not trim it.

Let's take the Bible for what it says in context, instead of pulling out phrases and applying them to a totally different context. By ignoring context you can make the Bible mean whatever you want it to mean ... whether it was the original intent of passage or not. It's taking the truth of the scripture and turning it into a lie or a personal opinion.
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Well said Pappa.

Pagans were/are truly against GOD is just about every way possible. Very traditional and abominational in all their practices.
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