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Talking to the Lord.

I always talk to him whenever my heart sinks or I feel down and sometimes I do to help others. I guess it's just a hobby of mine! Pretty much I try to get as good as I can be.
I think that a person must first get used to the thought of talking to the LORD then get used to doing it. A person must first have the desire to speak with Him first though, don't you think.

if a person does something over and over, after 27 times it becomes a habit and then its just like second nature....thats what i did with praying for my leadership...and it seems to be working out fine for me.
never thought of it as a hobby

For the last 5 years this has also been a hobby of mine. I seem to go through bouts of feeling down ( I think it is due to stress) and if I can spend some quiet time with the Lord I feel so much better. It is good to hear I am not the only one. When I get down it affects my whole being...like a black cloud hanging over me. After I talk with God... the "cloud" lifts and the "Son" can shine in again.

--Patti :rainbow:
I pray all the time. If Im happy I pray. If Im sad I pray If Im stressed I pray If someone comes to my mind I pray for them alot of times I pray the scriptures. Eph 1:17-23 and eph 3:14-21. I love looking through the scriptures and see what other prayers their is from the old testament through the new testament. The word says to pray in and out of season and that is what I do. janlovesjesus