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Talk w/ God in dream?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by WeakChristian, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. I recently had two dreams that really upset me. I don't remember every detail but I'll try to be has detailed as possible.

    So I recall this being making it clear that he was God. I recall him talking to me in human form. He was a bald white guy with really dark, almost arched eyebrows. His head was oval shaped and he looked like he was around 50 years old with really long nasolabial folds. He had an angry look on his face and I remember him clearly saying "you're a con." after I told him I loved him. I was almost lost for words.It sound like I was almost pleading with him when I said that.

    Now, in the flesh, I do admit often that I can't say I truly love God yet because I do not truly know God but for some reason, I lied in this dream. I tried to make up for it by saying, "well I do kinda love you because I respect you for your kindness and patience." As I said the kindness and patience part, this being said it with me in a mocking manner. He ended the mockery with "yeah yeah yeah, heard that one before." This being then began to go on about some king (I forget the name) who put a "fence" around the earth. He demonstrated what this king did to the earth via holographic imagery. The earth in this imagery looked more like the sun to me with brown barbwire around it. During the demonstration, I felt like I was removed from the dream and it ended. Was this God? There is another dream that came after that I will post later.
  2. You call yourself "WeakChristian." So, you claim to be a Christian, and yet you say that you don't really love God because you don't truly know God. If this is true, then you can't truly be a Christian. So, I guess, if you claim to be a Christian, which is saying you are a Christ follower, but you don't love him, because you don't truly know him, then that would make you a "con," which is someone who deceives others into believing something is true that is not true. As well, if you say, as you said you stated in your dream, that you respect God for his kindness and patience, but your lifestyle does not reflect this, then there would be good reason, if this were true, to respond to your statement with "Yeah, heard that one before."

    I can't say whether or not that dream was from God, but it appears to me that, from what you have stated, that you are not a born again follower of Jesus Christ. So, God may have allowed this dream as a way to confront you with that reality, so that you can become a true follower of Jesus Christ, who loves God, and who does know him (is in relationship with him), because you don't know if you have tomorrow.

    So, I would ask that you would read this, which the Lord has given me to write (it is not short), and that you would prayerfully consider what he had me share today on this subject of what constitutes a genuine believer in (follower of) Jesus Christ:

    Unite My Heart
  3. No, it's a reflection of your inadequacies, God doesn't have an image.
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