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Talk JESUS has and will continue to help many.

Talk-JESUS Helps us:

See Christ in one another.

Hear Christ speak through one another.

Joining the BODY of Christ in prayer and fellowship.

Bringing the parts of the Body of Christ together.

Stiring up the Holy Spirit in each and everyone of his Children.

Help keeping his words, constantly in our eyes so that our eyes can be single.

Keeping our FOCUS on him and no other.

I'm just going to put etc. Now because if all was said, Uncle Chadi might have to buy another server to fit it. All are welcomed to add etc'es to this Thread because that is the WAY here at Talk-JESUS, all are Welcomed In Christ.
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GOD bless you and uncle Chadi LOL :p

Thanks for this great thread brother. I hope everyone is blessed in Christ by what He has done through the site. I know I am blessed and grateful beyond measures for what the Lord has done for me and everyone here that I have come across.

Talk Jesus Helps Us:

** Bring the lost to Jesus Christ for Salvation **
I really enjoy coming here Mr. Chad runs a tight ship and I like that, it keeps those that just want to disrupt out.It's encouraging to see folks from all over the world worshiping the Lord. Thanks Mr. Chad and all involved with keeping this thing a float

Love John

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