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Talk Jesus was founded in 2003 (originally and rebuilt in February 2004). Going on almost 15 years as of me typing this out. It's a worldwide online outreach created with the intention of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world entirely. Your support is needed and appreciated in helping this community thrive and be highly effective for God's Kingdom.

Goal: Matthew 28:16-20 The Great Commission.
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Hi all my past friends. I'm back from a long sickness. I thought I was headed HOME, but our Lord isn't thru with me as yet. I'll be looking forward to posts from my old friends.
I didn't even know I had already joined. So much has happened in my life. SO, I AM, back. Bless you all in our Lord Jesus's Holy Name. I have MANY exciting happenings in my life, both joyous, and sorrowful. You can't actually know how Blessed you are, without going thru tribulation, and getting wisdom, and patience.
You are QUITE WELCOME, Chad. I did not remember I had joined in 2013. We moved to a community in Stone County, Ms. Had NO idea, how POWERFULLY God and Jesus would have me walk here. Like a country song goes, " When you're walking thru HELL, keep on going, before the DEVIL even knows you're there...." He certainly knows I AM here. I won't back down. Backing down, is NOT a Christian principle. It is HOW HARD WE CARRY OUR SMALL CROSSES. Jesus die the MOST PAINFUL & HORRIBLE death, anyone on the face of the earth has EVER died. HE WAS, CAME AS, IS, God's ONLY BEGOTTEN SON!!! We are Christians, not because we are perfected in HIS image, yet because, with all our might, we can not go 1 day without sin, even if it is an unknown thought.For this Jesus sacrificed HIS earthly life. For that, we as Christians, plant Jesus seeds, in all we send out into the world. That some seeds may come up and yield abundantly, yet some may not grow at all. It is at God's pleasure we serve JESUS. When God CREATED ALL OF US, He numbered every hair of our heads. Could it be any less intriguing, that GOD, would put "LORD OF LORDS & KING OF KINGS" upon The Lord Jesus thigh? If He came in this time, it would only be seen on HIS bones in an X-RAY. So here is the conundrum:

Why , might you say or think,"WHY HASN'T THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY, SPOKEN ABOUT THOSE OF US WITH SIGNS, & SINEWS ON OUR BONES?" Myself born with a 7 on what my Dr. called a man's Adam's apple in my throat, and the sign of infinity, the sign of 2 stop signs on my humorous bone, joined in a common link in the middle, with just a touch of a line, as if one picks up their pencil as one is writing or drawing. My dad asked me at 14....Janie, why don't you wake up and realize" WHO YOU ARE"? Strange to even say that to one so young. It wasn't until I was well into my 30's, that they tried to kill me in a car wreck, putting a serial pedophile, who had raped over 200 children, my brother for 10 years, my son thru our church, and all 5 of his infant girls, in prison, and off the streets. After being partially paralyzed, on my left side,by an off duty State Trouper, who was part of the group the man was in, that I grabbed the King James Family Bible, off my family table. I was changed FOREVER...I inhaled the scriptures, I saw Jesus as He sat at the well as He asked the Samaritan Woman for a drink. 40 days /40 nights, send children to school, send husband to work, back to scriptures, no sleep, the MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. Then as it ended there, I read" I AM THE BRIGHT AND SHINING MORNING STAR' It was 5:00 A.M. as I went out on the terrace, & looked up, there was but only 1 star visible.... As far as the Samaritan woman, by giving HIM a drink of water, HE would give to her, water EVERLASTING, FOREVER.

Although she had no idea, why her, you see, the clean women, collected water in the morning, A.M., and the ones deemed, "Unclean," collected water in the heat of day.......I am sure it QUITE confused her...Just because there is a New Testament & an OLD Testament, please tell me, does one throw the baby out with the bath water? does one throw away the Old Testament, with the adding of The New Testament? God forbid: Keep the 10 commandments, The book of Leviticus, Chapter 11, reveals the clean foods from the unclean, if you eat the unclean, why even ask why there is disease? If you feed, pork, why are you surprised at the squealing, fighting, arguing,, did not Jesus, cast DEMONS into the pigs, and RUN them into the sea????NOTHING Jesus did was unnoteworthy. When you wake to serve Jesus and God, why do you wonder why you have it so tough? It must be REALIZED, THEY HATED JESUS, WAY BEFORE THEY HATED US. IF HE WERE MEANT TO COME IN FLESH TODAY, HE'D BE SHOT, IMPRISONED, BEATEN, MOCKED, STONED, AND PROBABLY SHOT AGAIN? Any way, Chad, Bless you,

They call me Angel Wings here, where I live now, yet, I have been thrown out of our church, (because I pray with hands on people, & take it personally when they are openly spreading meth on our streets) I suppose, they might be afraid, they will enter our church and shoot it up? The cameras we put up after our home received 7 shots into it, I had to self protect, totally disabled, as is my husband. They have yet to arrest the 2 men , who came on our property @ 8:00 P.M. Oct. 14, 2017, armed and dangerous as they trespassed, trying to harm us, falsely accusing us of a RACIAL SLUR, that afternoon @ 5:00 p.m., which NEVER happened. If someone not of dark color, makes this type charge, to one that is totally non-racist, EVERYONE needs to take 2 steps back. My Spirit is tiring, so for now I will take a break. Bless you Chad, May your Eyes See, and Your Ears Hear,the Living Words of God and Jesus, the next time you pick up the Holy Scriptures. AMEN & AMEN...Youare welcome to print/repost, andy or all of this communication. Have a Safe and Blessed Week Chad, and all in Jesus, shall say AMEN & AMEN. "Come, Jesus Come"...Angel Wings/Blessed Wings.

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