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Super Bowl

Staff Member
Many will spend tonight watching the Super Bowl and not thinking that these football players are also just like us. They surfer and go through tears of sorry. So allow this to touch you and others if you share this with them who neither know or at this moment desire to know what can and will lift them like no other can. Especially those who may have interest in the Super Bowl but don't know the Lord. It will be worth the half hour you spend watching it or the few minutes it may take to share with someone who is in need of the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Increase | Football Sunday 2016 Official Full Length Video

For when it is all said and done after this Super Bowl game tonight and the winner has been declared and this game long forgotten. Know that if one is moved to the Lord and becomes a Citizen of the Kingdom of God by God's Grace during this time. Unlike this game. It will be eternally remembered.