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Summer Storms

Staff Member
Summer Storms - August 24, 2005

My grandmother was deathly afraid of tornadoes. She often cowered in the basement in near panic mode, worried that an approaching storm would bring devastation and injury. Even on clear days, she constantly scanned the skies, worrying that a twister would come up out of nowhere.

Her fear is more understandable when considering the devastation of natural calamities during the first part of the 20th century, before doplar radar or satellite images, tornado warning systems, or accurate weather reporting.

She had reason for concern. But when all is said and done, Grandma was affected more by her fear of tornadoes than the actual tornado that never happened.

Fear is funny that way. It starts as a legitimate concern but then grows into a master that tyrannizes and torments.

The Bible says, "What time I am afraid I will have confidence, and put my trust and reliance on you." Psalm 56:3 (Amplified Bible.)

Today when the TV weatherman reports severe weather coming towards our town, I remember Grandma and choose instead to put my confidence in God's help and protection. A peace fills my heart and mind as I head toward the basement.

Contributed by Candace Simar

thanx a heap 4 remindin us that we should always put our trust in God!!!

ur a blessing Chad!!