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Sugar Alternative

My husband has switched to a sugar substitute due to his sugar levels being high, not outrageously high but high enough to be on meds. I'm not a big fan of an aspertaime sub., have used stivia but the after taste is not the best. On Thursday I was at the European Market and came across an organic substitute for sugar made from a tree in Mexico. It replaces sugar or honey altogether. It is called Agave Syrup. Used it today in our morning coffee's and it was great, no after taste. So for you health conscious people you may want to look into it.
never heard of it, have to check it out! never use any of the sweetners because of the after taste. I don't know if i can find it in NJ.

AlabasaterBox :girl: :rainbow:

you can find stevia at whole foods market. to find a location go to:"www.wholefoods.com"

I have stevia at home but the after taste is not pleasant, I would like to learn to cook with it. Craig, do you have any recipes?
Stevia is sweeter than sugar so you cant use as much. then it doesnt taste as bad.
What do you think of Splenda? It doesnt raise their blood sugar becasue of how its processed so diabetiecs can use it. It tastes alittle funny too.
Have you tried Splenda? I know it's a sugar substitute, but it's made from sugar, not like Equal or Sweet N Low.... which can cause cancer. And, well, they don't tast too well either. I know at work(work in a nursing home) there are a lot of diabetics there. They really enjoy Splenda.
Hehe! Gloria- we think the same.... I didn't even read your thread either.... go figure.... but yeah, Splenda... I've heard good things about it.
I like using Splenda myself it does taste a little different and I noticed when I put it in my coffee it gets foamy like expresso (maybe that's a good thing ... think I have special coffee lol) but there is not real strong after taste which I am glad for because the other stuff upsets my belly

God Bless :love:
I try not to eat anything with a subsitute . All of them are great choices and I have heard good things about them all . But I drink tea , and after awhile , I just got used to no sugar . But now the doctor wants me to drink goat's milk ! Bluck ! Talk about after taste ! But it is high in calcium ! Still Bluck !!! Mike :thumbs_do
you may find this useful

(and by the way this in almost the only forum that has guernsey in the countries list so well done)
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I'm not sure what your site has to do with sugar, but before posting a link you need approval from a Moderator inorder to post a link . Considering this link has nothing to so with sugar I will delet it. Please PM as to why you need this link posted and what it is pertaining to exactly. Thank you.

Eveything ending in OSE is really a sugar? ? Example - sucrose, dextrose, fructose , etc

(Its something trying to read all those long words on the ingredient list - if I cant pronounce it its probably best not to have it.! )
I just read your post from a long time ago about splenda.I believe that time will tell that it is not all that good for you. Have you tried Stevia? It is an all
natural plant product.Where is your town located? We live near Detroit.
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Some info I found:

Stevia is an herb native to South America The Guarani Indians of South America call this herb "Ka-Hee". The natives of South America have enjoyed the benefits of stevia for centuries. Now, this remarkable herb is available in the United States as a dietary supplement. Stevita Stevia is Completely Gluten-Free and Safe For Diabetics.

The secret to stevia's special quality is found in the complex compound Stevioside.The higher the percentage of steviosides,the more effective the extract.

Anyone trying to avoid sugar, hypoglycemics, diabetics, dieters, over-active children, and anyone concerned about the over-use of sugar in today's diets and prepared foods!

Totally Safe And Free Of Chemicals! -You can have peace of mind with stevia by Stevita - the only supplier to grow their own plants,cultivate, harvest and use a 'patented' water and filtration method to extract the steviasides from the leaves. You can be certain of consistent high quality premium products. No Bitter aftertaste.

Stevita uses no bleaching agents, alcohol or chemicals. This is demonstrated by the creamy white color of their stevia powder instead of having a bleached out paper white appearance. Stevita stevia is the only one with 96% steviosides,the active component of the leaf. This means we have removed 96% of the bitter by-products of the leaf. The higher the percentage, the better the flavor and the strength.