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Suffering Unjustly

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For this is a gracious thing, when, mindful of God, one endures sorrows while suffering unjustly. 1 Peter 2:19 ESV

In today’s New Testament reading, Peter addresses servants. Commentators indicate that this included people who were hired servants, or servants who were taken during war, or servants who were born in the house, and actual slaves. Whichever type of servant, the Christian was to be subject to his master, even those who treated them unjustly (1 Peter 2:18).

The Christian servant doesn’t endure unjust suffering without reason. He does so to show the implications of the Gospel in his life. He does so to control his deep-seated desire to fight for justice. Ultimately, he does so to show the unjust the same sort of mercy Jesus offered on the cross. In today’s key verse, Peter says an act “is a gracious thing.”

How did you respond the last time you were treated unjustly in the office or another sphere of life? Did you demand justice? Demand your rights? Or did you endure suffering, knowing you are called to such a life, with the hope that your oppressor would experience the Gospel in action?

If you didn’t present a Christlike attitude, resolve to do so the next time.

Prayer: Lord, my automatic response to being treated unjustly is to demand justice. Change my heart. May my desire to represent Jesus Christ well rule my spirit instead.
We just had this discussion last night at a prayer meeting, people crying about having to wear mask, once we became a child of God's we lost all our rights.

Reading a book Bear recommended called tortured for Christ, these men prayed for the people that tortured them in unthinkable ways. and to think I get upset about politicans making me wear a mask.

Look at all the injustice Jesus received did not hear him complaining.
I havent worn a mask since they became compulsory, and not one person has stopped me, not even a passerby. I am certainly not kowtowing to satan and his control of mankind.
I havent worn a mask since they became compulsory, and not one person has stopped me, not even a passerby. I am certainly not kowtowing to satan and his control of mankind.
That strikes me as selfish individualism rather than a stand against evil.

In my city there have been 10,000 excess deaths this year. How many of them had a secure faith in Jesus, I don't know.

Wearing a mask in public places is at worst a minor inconvenience. It pales to insignificance compared to the risk of lives lost. Why put others in potential risk of harm just to make a statement about exercising our freedom?
It is proven here in Australia that covid 19 is a hoax, and is being used for political purposes. This is probably not the website to post all the proof, but suffice to say its easily found. I am not falling for Satans lies.
Australia has not been as badly hit as other places. Thank God for that. Certainly not a hoax though. I know many people who have fallen seriously sick from it. It's a frightening disease. Nobody I know personally has died, but many of many friends are grieving the loss of family members.

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