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Stuck on everything

Hi, I'm a new member to this forum. My name is Simon. I'm 17 years old. I'm fron New Zealand. And I have a lot of problems. I guess to start with was when my younger sister Katrina died. My mother loved her, a lot. I mean she didn't stop crying for a year, but I didn't blame her. My aunty Caroline was a christian and it amazed me how nice and comforting she is. Her daughter had told us that my sister has gone to heaven because she had saved her before her death. And so my mother tried to convince the whole family to do the same, but it didn't work out. That was on my fault because I just don't like church. It just doesn't work for me. It makes me sick, and unhappy, and I don't know it just isn't right. And so I asked my mother that I don't go. And that caused the whole family to stop. And I felt that I betrayed Him because this isn't the first time that I have been saved by the Lord. I just tend to stop following him and I don't like it. And now I feel constant stress, anger, anxiety and empty inside. I have sinned a lot and I'm scared of death. Very scared. And I feel that turning to the Lord isn't working, because I've been there and done that, and it never works. Can someone help me?
Staff Member
Welcome Simon to the board. First, I'd like to point that *possibly* the major fear of death is once again *possibly* the good Lord trying to get your attention to turn to Him in Jesus' name for Salvation (this time, 100% true dedicated of your life to the Lord), and of course you will have peace and happiness in your life knowing you are saved, and fearless of death :)

Second, don't hate the idea of going to church. Remember a few things: if no one is perfect, neither is the body (us humans) of the Church, only the head (Jesus Christ) is perfect. Possibly the church you attended was not inline with GOD's will and purposes, therefore not "feeling" the Holy Spirit at the House of GOD: yes remember the Church IS the House of GOD. Do you hate the house of GOD? I know you don't but maybe your feeling of anxiet, guilt, etc. is affecting your view of the Church as well. One thing I know is traditional churches are boring for sure. You need a church that is operating on the Holy Spirit, on fire for GOD and doing the will of GOD not their own "traditions".

I think YOU can make a huge difference in your family but stepping forward and saying "ok let's go to church". Maybe its not easy but you need to ask GOD for forgiveness of your sins, guidance, wisdom and understanding of His will, your purpose of life on earth. Remember, it is NEVER too late to turn to GOD for forgiveness in Jesus' name until you are gone (death). As long as your heart is breathing, you can turn to Christ for a new life.

It is GOD's mercy that makes the world turn, not money or anything else. We all deserve punishment BUT....

John 3

16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[1] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
There was a season in my life of constant reminders i was not saved because of my luke warm life style and endless grip of controling my own destiny and deed. I have been where you are and even know i said yes to God my life or actions where not at times purely reflective of it. I always thought of surrender as almost a idea of failure of some way hurting my pride. In todays world the word of surrender seems to have a negative conotation but it is at the very point we realise our own will and ways don't work we can't help but realise that surrendering to God what already belongs to him brings us in line to his perfect love. God sometimes reaches us at our lowest times in life because for some of us unfortunetly its the only time we can get on his frequency and get off our own. Surrendering your life to Christ completely and allowing his life to move in you according to his will is where true life begins. Do you really want to feel ALIVE? Surrender your will to his. Seek his will. Allow yourself to forgive your own self as he is and will always be willing to forgive you. No longer partake in the things that seperate you from his love (sin) and if you are repent for your own sake. Allow christ to love and shape you and wake up in the morning and say to yourself Thank you Jesus for Loving me today. Look inside your self and truely examine where you are in your life. God did not intend on us to live feeling the way you do or to feel like we are on death row. Jesus defeated all that and gave us hope, joy and peace. Recieve it in Jesus Name! Recieve his Love and eternal Mercy. Remember its not enough to just believe but we must recieve. If you where lying in a hospital bed dying and a doctor told you that next to you was the medicine to cure you so you can live would you simply say i believe it? Or would you reach out and recieve it so you wouldn't have to die? Maybe you should deeply question your self and ask if i have truely surrenderd to Christ. We can't open our eyes until we admit that they have been closed and from personal experience when we do we see Jesus in front of us with open arms. God Bless You!
Praying for Leroy

Leroy just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. I believe what Chad and SlavetoChrist have written are the truth. Sometimes it just takes awhile for a person to find the right church. Once you have found it you will know. Please don't shut God out. He is our merciful savior. Please pray.
fear not

The Lord shall lead you in a right church and to be grown in the Lord to over come all your grief for your sister death and other related problems
Please keep us update
God bless you brother

Leroy just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. I believe what Chad and SlavetoChrist have written are the truth. Sometimes it just takes awhile for a person to find the right church. Once you have found it you will know. Please don't shut God out. He is our merciful savior. Please pray.