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Stubborn Daughter

Have a stubborn daughter who needs direction in life, pray the Lord draw her near to him.
She wants to move away, pray that it is for the right reasons or that the Lord prevent her from moving at this time.
May the Lord bless and protect you both. May He is His wisdom come into your daughters life and help her at this time. Trust in His mercy.I will pray for you both.
I will pray that Jesus leads her in all things and that she will harken unto His voice. Lord only open the doors You want open and your will be done, in her life.

I too have a stubborn son and sometimes you have to let go and let God. He usually gets their attention one way or another.

The rainbow I use at the end of all my post, reminds me that in HIS time my son WILL return to the Lord and serve HIM all the days of his life.

Your sister in Christ,
Alabasterbox, :girl:

You are in my prayers I also have a friend who is so "stubborn" and I know how you feel. I pray with you!
You are in my prayers I also have a friend who is so "stubborn" and I know how you feel. I pray with you!valie
God bless your whole family

Not too much to say, except that I understand the stubborness of a child.
I always keep in my mind a line in th OT, written differently in different texts, but basically it says "and the children shall play over the cobras hole" These words mean so much to me, when all I see is strife in this world. Just think that the Lord our God, already told us that our children will be safe "playing over the cobras hole"
May your daughter grow in the Lord and may your worries cease, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen
May the lord bless your daughter and show her the light. Lord just help her daughter realise that she has a loving and caring mother and help her come to you lord

Your in my prayers=)