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Struggling with Faith and need prayers for my Daughters Family

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What's on my mind... that's a good question. Right now I'm dismayed and feel helpless. Tonight I got to see the look of defeat in my daughters face and hurt and confusion in the face of my grandchildren. And I can't make it better......

I watched all week as my daughter went from one social agency to another seeking help. The need is real, it is having a real effect on my grandchildren. So with no where else to turn my daughter turns to our church. She reassures the kids it will be alright, yes the help she needs is more than the church has set aside for such needs, yes she has had to seek help before.

She is a single parent of 3 who until recently did not have a job, going to school she lived off student loans, work when she could find it and help from her mother and I. However we also have other children and 2 of those families (4 adults and 3 grandchildren) are now under our roof. Which means we can't help as we have in the past.

Others have helped her however and for that I am grateful. She may not be the most responsible, she may have many needs, but she is trying to be the best mother she can be. It took a lot for her to come to the church this time knowing that some would say "what, you need help again" or say even worse about her ability to be responsible.
She is trying, and she really has had her share of problems (the devil seems to like it that way). So when she came to the church as a last resort she felt "I may get lectured, but surely they won't make the kids suffer because of what they think or fell about me".

She constantly told the kids as did their grandmother and I, it's going to be okay, God always provides, and we're sure the church will help. We were wrong......

So now my daughter is defeated, her mom and I told her to keep praying, God will make things work out. My grandchildren aren't so sure however. Right now they see a church that say's they care about them doesn't (even though the refusal of the church was by a select few), and in their minds they wonder "Does God really care?, Does anyone?"

Jesus said that what we do to the least among us we do him, He admonished his disciples for keeping children away from him saying the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the children. Tonight children were punished, made to suffer because of their mother. Their little hearts hardening against the thought that God will provide. They were turned away.

As a parent and grandparent I have a view, as an employee of the church I don't and am probably risking my job writing this. But if I do nothing, I am just like those I am writing about. So please pray for my daughter, pray for my grandchildren.

Because if this is what my church teaches may God have mercy on our souls.
Hi wmg819,
Unfortunately many Christians and churches miss the mark on what God requires of us. We are blessed by God to be a blessing to others. You'll hear many sermons on tithing , but I've yet to hear a sermon on the Corban vow. (Mark 7:11-13). I'm not going to bash a church , but God would rather we honor our family members than to set aside money to build a mega church. That's what they were guilty of regarding the Corban vow. Once it was earmarked for God , they couldn't go back on the vow and make sure their family members were taken care of. Jesus blasted them for it.
I read your post and saw you pour your heart out for your daughter. That's unselfish. That is Christlike . Practically speaking, my advice would be for your daughter to give. Give of whatever she can give of. Time , a dollar,, service, anything. Just give. While she is giving, of whatever she can give of, God is blessing that. It's the law of reaping and sowing. Everything has a season. And everything in God's world isn't by accident. He will use this season in your daughter's life ,to help her and give glory to Himself.
Thank you for caring for your daughter. God will bless you too!!
Rev 2:4-5! Please do give them this message! It is so very rare,that the Lord in me would say the following,but you will be able to confirm these words for yourself. For you will see the hand of the Lord moving against those who would bring shame upon the very Gospel itself!( gal 1:6-9) And they will cry out why me,and they will learn the very prophecy of Isaiah!( matt 13:14-17) ( Isaiah 29:13) ( matt 15:8-9!!!) Unto those who wait for my hand,and my love, the Spirit of the Lord is also upon you! It is not the time to fear my children but rather the time to have strong courage.

I the Lord watch over my Word to preform it( Jer 1:12) Do NOT FEAR!! The lesson my people learn,can seem harsh,but my love for you and all of my people runs far deeper then any can even fathom! Hold fast,be not dismayed!( isaiah 41:9-13) personal Word from the Lord in me both to the children and parent! I knew a man who was homeless,he parked his car in front of what he thought was a church,it looked like a church,people prayed in it as if it was a church,there was a cross inside the church,and every action seemed as though it was a church.

They spoke about all the things we as disciples are suppose to do,and act as an example to others,so others see Jesus in each of us. As the homeless man looked for comfort inside this church,he was examined to see if he was worthy just to step in,he did not smell bad,his clothes were plain,no tie of course,no clean white shirt,no suit,he was given permission to enter but only at the very back of the church where others would not see him.Upon sitting, a new pastor was to be ordained that day,and so those who would pray for him were asked to come to the front of the church.

A nice older lady was at the right praying in front,and the Holy Spirit spoke to me to touch her,I wrestled a bit on this,as I did not know any of these people,but said ok Lord,if this be you ,you will confirm.Upon going up to her I only raised my hand towards her,and she fell,I grabbed her so she would not hit her head on anything,asked for a blanket to put on her then went back to my seat. I was not allowed to come back into the Church after this.

I wiped my feet upon the door of the Church,and forgave them. At about 2am a man came buy and said he was led by the Lord to give me 20 dollars,I was of course very thankful as i had not eaten for about 4 days. The Lord provided for me,soon after that,he sent a person to give me a job and get my car fixed,he then provided an escape from that parking lot of the ah church,and got me back to my feet again.( 1 cor 10:13)

2 week later a terrible fire got started in the basement of that church,and it burned to the ground. I was sad as many came to witness the fire, including the pastor of the Church. How could this happen to us was the cry! A little old man came to them and gave them a scripture. rev 2:4-5. And walked away. People got there Bible in hand to look up this scripture,and then they understood.( Gal 6:7-8!!) DO NOT BE DECIEVED, GOD IS NOT MOCKED;FOR WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWS, THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP. Indeed so will we!

For the children, and those who care so very deeply for them as WMG819 spoke. I pray in the name of Jesus for you,that the Lord in all of his love and grace may abound in you and yes with you! Help them Jesus to have strong courage!( deut 31:6,Heb 13:5) grant unto them your peace Lord, which surpasses all understanding and guard there hearts and there mind in Christ Jesus,( phil 4:7-9)and the victory you have already given them!! Help them through you word and great power( luke 1:37) to know that with you Jesus all things are not only possible,but will come to pass because of your great love for each one of us! WE believe!!! And Father we thank you,YOU!!!! always hear and answer us!! In Jesus mighty name I pray Jude 1:24-25!!! amen!
I want to thank everyone for their prayers for my daughter and her family, God heard them and the Holy Spirit worked thru all involved and provided the assistance my daughter and grandchildren needed. They are now back in their home and life is returning to normal for them. It showed them that although people are fallible and prone to err sometimes, trusting in God even when it seems as if all has failed, God will provide for his children. And that lesson is priceless.