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Strong Soul

I have a friend that I love very much. I look up to her because God has made her so strong. It amazes me all that she's been through and how she always manages to keep her head up when she finds herself in a flood.

I praise God for those people who are so incredibly strong. They live only because they depend on God's strength. I also notice that although she may go through so much, she is one of the most blessed chicks I know!

God is so cool to allow those people to enter our lives. And If you are one of those people, I praise God for you, and I don't think you realize the incredible blessing you are to so many people's lives!

Please feel free to share experiences that have made you stronger or share about someone in your life with a Strong Soul that has blessed you like my friend has blessed me! God bless! Stay Hardcore!
Hey Demaris, That’s great girl. There are many people that God use. It’s so hard to find true friends and you’re really lucky when you do. Well I don’t really have anyone special that I look up to or anything. But I do pray to God that He will use me. I know He has and I pray He continue to do so. I love the Lord, and I need all His blessings like we all do. Well God bless you girl, Hope to talk to you soon. God bless you again, bye
Tanya Maksimov