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Strange things we have seen

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters,

I thought maybe a fun thread might do us all some good.
So I figure we all go outside and do some fun and relaxing activities from walking and biking and hiking to fishing and hunting etc.

I know I have a ton of stories of strange and funny things I have seen or experienced .

Thought maybe we could share them and give each other some smiles , laughter and maybe even a wow factor or two.

So please if you have any, please share them here with all of us.
I know I am looking forward to them.

A post I made to Brother @Dave M in his you tube thread got me thinking.

Thank you and may your 2018 be full of Growth, Love, Joy and Fun in Christ
Blessings to you
I had a couple of guys out once on a night fishing trip. Now it was the middle of the night and foggy calm.
We were back in a cut off the main channel away from everything.

A few miles away some folks had an exotic animal farm with a bear and lions and so forth.

Well if you know anything about male lions and mating season, they get quite vocal and very loud with some of the scariest sounds.

This lion started in and got louder and louder and began to sound closer and closer until these guys were convinced it was loose and was in the water swimming towards us.

I admit it had me wondering a bit and even though we were just starting to get some action, these guys wanted out and off the lake Right Now.
They began to see big scary things in the fog so bad I thought they were going to crawl in the livewell.

Man those were some great times.
Blessings to you

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