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Stop and Smell The Roses

:rose: Somtimes Ifeel that time is passing me by. Iam 67 and in my heart I fell a lot younger, I still have the same feelings that I had at the age of 37. Allthough the body is letting me know Ican not do the things I use to do. I know God owns all the time, and he blesses us with every breath we take.I was very active in church .I was teacher of children church when i was in my early 30yrs.I can remember looking out at 15-to 30 little faces,knowing if I made a mistake and hung the moon up in a story instead of the sun they would sure let me know.I would know for sure that they were paying attention.I know I can not do a lot of the things I use to do but I will stop and smell a rose if i see one.I guess what I am trying to say is dont be to busy to say Hi to your neighbor,call up your Mom and Dad If just to say, I love you, To hold your child ,after all you are the apple of its eye.I did not know where this was all going but I love the Lord with allmy heart.He is my God,my Savor Jesus.By the gifts of the Holy Spirit and by faith in my Lord Jesus by the sheding of His blood I am set free. My prayer is Father teach us so we may be a blessing to others for you in Jesus name .Amen

you've a lovely long service for our Lord so give yourself a pat on the back for that, I have only come to know our Lord and let him reign in my heart nearly 2 years now and I am 51yrs old, so I wasted an awful lot of years in the 'world' doing and being sinful, but Halliluljah he has made them white as snow with the shedding of his precious blood, I have been praying hard these past 2 years for my unsaved husband, and only starting last Sunday he has said he wants to go to Sunday Morning Service he has been to a few services with me so has heard the word, the seed has been sow, so it needs watered now, it will be in the Lord's time I know, but if I can encourage so be it, you never mentioned your husband I hope I'm not being presumptious, forgive if I am I don't mean to be, I khow if and when my husband comes to know Jesus as his Saviour my life will truely be blessed I long for the day and I know so does Jesus.

you couldnt be more right i agree with you , i have five beautiful children and they are amazing i thank god for them and i to love roses. i also feel its important with peoplwe around you neighbors family people at work and dr. offices you never know how you bless them just by a simple conversation. god bless foreverwjesus:rose:

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