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still new

hi i started coming here a few weeks ago
i can play the piano,been playing for about 2 years
im in prrayer group and youth group on wednesday nights
parents divorced wen i was 6
got saved when i was 6
mom married stepdad when i was 7
dad lives 1 hour away
1 brother
like to read
writes songs and poems
likes to draw
loves to study bible

talk later bye
a late welcome from me :eek:)

hey.....you are a true blessing here in TJ my friend...look forward to speaking to you lots more in chat... hmmm, I think sometimes i talk too much-but you guys and girls have such a zest for the Lord that I cant help but want to be here to share:shade: :star: ...ok I should ssshhhhhh now..cos I chat to much lool,

God bless u always
Hey writer_for_God... Its been great talking with you! You are a wonderful person . I'm glad that you have joined our family here at Talk Jesus!!