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Still just me with a prayer for a few more friends

Prayer: For my friend Rene (boy) who got involved in wrong things and
says he has no religion, he is an atheist. That God would show him and
his brother his wonderful love and also to his mother who seems to be
deep water at the moment due to financial restrains. THat God would
take them keep them and bless them and give them all the Holy Spirit so
that they can all love Him and understand that He exists though they
don't think so now.
Also that our friendship (Rene and I) does not go through the ups and downs that it is going now because satan does not want me to take his soul(s) away from him...we are going through a serious hard time and this friend is like a son to me and I am like a father to him..but somehow ...somewhere...someone is making things go awfully wrong.....please pray that we get closer and closer and become the good friends that we have always been! I thank you all.....and just for notice I am not accusing my friend(s) of anything that they have not said to me themselves. I thank you all! Valie