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Stepping Out In Faith

Staff Member
Has His mercy ceased forever? Has [His] promise failed forevermore? Psalm 77:8

While the difficulties that the psalmist refers to in today's verse aren't necessarily known, you can probably relate to his lament. Tremendous hardship might cause you to look back at your past and the way God faithfully brought you through it, much like the psalmist contemplated (see Psalm 77:5). But God doesn't always work the same way.

Bible commentator Jonathan Gill makes this observation: "Unbelief says (God's unfailing love) is gone, that no more will be shown, and that the treasures of it are exhausted; but Faith says it is not gone, and observes that God is the God of all grace, is rich in mercy, and abundant in goodness."

What a beautiful hope and reassurance!

How can you, in your current turmoil, grasp such a faith? Maybe you need to spend some time with a fellow believer who can remind you that God always come through. Maybe you need to spend an entire day in fasting and prayer, seeking God's face and His assurance. Or maybe you need to spend some extended time in worship. Take a step in faith. The Lord will respond.

Prayer: Lord, I confess to giving in to despair at times--to wondering if Your promises have dried up. But I know better. As I step out in faith today, meet me and show me Your faithfulness.

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