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Steady Hands Marriage Recovery Ministry

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This appears to be an excellent ministry, and it has Christian Relationship & Leadership Articles so I thought I would leave the link here ...

"We provide a free Crisis line (1-866-STEADY7) to married men facing a marriage crisis. Steady Hands Marriage Recovery Ministry is founded by John Kuypers, a crisis coach focused on helping people of faith overcome personal crises with love and respect for self and loved ones."

What do you need?

I am unhappily married and want major changes

I am separated and want to save my marriage

I am a pastor or lay person who wants to protect couples from divorce

I am planning to get married and want to get it right

I want to learn more about the Steady Hands Marriage Recovery Ministry


"Building a happy, loving home is every Christian's most important challenge. In this article based on the book of the same title, Christian men & women discover we can heal damaged personal relationships, lift our children’s self-esteem and impact our loved ones with the love of Christ, if a we are willing to first stop judging those we love...."