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Steadfast is Your Love

Jesus said that if we follow him, that we will be hated as he was hated, and that they will treat us the same way as they treated him. We are taught in scripture that we can expect to be persecuted, too, for righteousness’ sake, and that we are blessed when people revile us and say all manner of evil against us falsely, for the Lord’s sake. We, too, should rejoice that we are counted worthy to share in the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings, because of our faith in him and our testimonies for him and for his gospel.

Yet, when we go through these troubled times, we need wisdom from above regarding how to respond to our trials and persecutions, and to our persecutors. As well, we need for the Lord to teach us his ways, and to lead us in his truth, and to mature us, strengthen us, and to counsel us in what is right, through our difficult circumstances, so that they don’t undo us. And, we need to learn patience, to wait on the Lord, to trust him with our situations, and to not give way to fear, for his love for us is unwavering.

Steadfast is Your Love
An Original Work / February 26, 2018

Based off Psalm 25

O my God, I trust in You.
Help me to know Your ways.
Give me understanding, Lord.
Guide my thoughts each day.

Enemies pursue me, Lord.
They have no fear of You.
Lies, betrayal, traitorous;
Haters, vicious, too.

Steadfast is Your love, O Lord.
Lead me in what is right.
Turn to me, be gracious, Lord.
Ponder now my plight.

O my God, deliver me!
I take refuge in You.
May Your grace preserve me, Lord,
For I wait for You.

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