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Starvation and suicide plans

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Fragrant Grace, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Please may I ask for prayers for a dear 15 year old girl.

    She is starving herself, cutting herself and having suicidal thoughts on a daily basis.

    Also her sister age 16 is in a morbid competition with her to become thinnest.

    Please pray the Spirit will flood these two young women and break the onds of emotional turmoil
    May they each turn to the Lord and know His true peace.

    Salvation, healing and restoration please Lord

    Thank you dear brothers and sisters
  2. Glad to pray! Do you know these girls personally?
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  3. fragrant grace I am reading a book called Let our Children Go steps to free your child from evil influences and demonic harassment by Rebecca Greenwood. It's very helpful as we got to know what we dealing with here.

    Praying binding and loosing prayers on these girls.

    Pray to bind the spirit of bondage and loose spirit of liberty and adoption.
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  4. Yes I do @Brad Huber
  5. Praying dear sister.
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  6. Glad they know you. Adding them to our church prayer list!!!
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  7. Also praying!
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  8. Perhaps your girls can invite them over, making up any reason you can think of, and God can bring you the words to bring some healing to their souls. Perhaps make some homemade cookies, play some games to where you can compliment their smarts. Stuff like that.
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  9. Thank you so much brothers and sisters

    Both these girls have upped their stakes in this terrible illness they are caught up in.

    More exercise, less food.

    Please continue to pray that these controlling bonds are broken
  10. Will continue praying for them sister!
  11. They have stayed in my heart and prayers.
  12. Praying here.
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