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starting the Torah reading cycle over again: "B'reisheet" GEN 1:1-6:8

"Simchat Torah" means "Joy of the Torah" or "Bible Happiness" this happens during the 8th day of Sukkot, normally known as "Shemini Atzeret". It is a time to complete the Torah reading cycle, and to start over again reading from Genesis. This year, "Shemini Atzeret" came on Oct 24th, We should be overjoyed that we have God's Word in our midst, there are some countries where the bible is outlawed, and it used to be in communist countries, those found with bibles were imprisoned, I think we can count it joy because Adonai gave us HIS word through his selected writers, writers from diverse positions in society and diverse professions. He came to earth in person as YESHUA to fulfill the prophets and to explain the Torah, no wonder one of his names is "The Living WORD"
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
PARASHA: "B'reisheet" (in the beginning)

GENESIS 1:1-6:8...............ISAIAH 42:5-43:10.................MATTHEW 1:1-2:23

We begin the journey all over again, the Torah is a continuous cycle of study, We end Deuteronomy reading about the power of Elohim, in bringing judgement to Egypt, through Moshe, his servant, and now we see the same power of Elohim, in creation,
The first 7 words are; "B'reisheet Bara Elohim...ET...hashamayim v'et haAretz. (In the beginning, Elohim created the Heavens and the earth" "7" words in the original Hebrew, the perfect number "7" and it we put a stick under the word ET and attach three branches on each side leading to the other words, we form a "Menorah" which is the symbol of Israel. We see in the "beginning", but the beginning of what? one can say, the "beginning of time itself" "time" is for a finite world, from the author of time who lives in the "infinite" dimension. YHVH who is timeless, gave "time" to mankind, we have the coming into being "Space" (the heavens) "time" (in the beginning) and "matter" (the earth) Mankind crosses over into the dimension of eternity when death knocks at the door.
YHVH made a perfect "house" for mankind, "planet earth" the letter "B" in B'reisheet, symbolizes "house" in Hebrew, a perfect house for perfect man, until man chose to disobey YHVH's command NOT to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (no, it wasn't the woman's fault, it was BOTH their fault, but Adam was Eve's leader, and Adam should have stopped her, but he didn't).
We see a "perfect" world of harmony disintegrate and head toward disorder (the second law of thermodynamics) to such an extent that YHVH decides to destroy the once perfect earth, saving one family of faithful humans, Noah and his family. Genesis mentions that the "B'nei Elohim" (sons of God) came into the "daughters of men" Many believe that these "B'nei Elohim" were the fallen angels, and through procreation in an abnormal form, mutants were born, the word "giants" in Geneses is the word "nephalim" in Hebrew which means "fallen" this could hint to the "fallen angels" Yes, there were tall giant humans as a result of unholy cohabitation (fallen angels in human form with earthly women) archeology has proven this.
Yet YHVH promised a "seed" to the woman, the "seed" that would crush the head of the serpent (Satan) and that "seed" is YESHUA/JESUS. who took upon himself the sins of the world, died a sinner's death, to give us eternal salvation through faith. Have you trusted in Yeshua/Jesus as YOUR LORD and Savior?
____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
ISAIAH 42:5-43:10
"I YHVH have called You in righteousness and will hold your hand; I will keep you and give you as a covenant to the people, as a LIGHT to the goyim (gentiles) to open blind eyes...."
The prophet is speaking about YESHUA, who is righteous, and is our "covenant" to trust and believe in. He is OR (light) who has shown the way to eternal life through a personal relationship in HIM, the "gentiles" were those who believed in "many gods" those of the nations outside of Israel, and now, many of those nations have rejected their false gods and have come to trust in Yeshua. "Blind eyes have been opened" not only physically, but spiritually, Yeshua healed many blind people, but his WORD opens our eyes to the truth.
____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
MATTHEW 1:1-2:23
We see in these verses, the genealogy and the birth of Messiah Yeshua, who came to earth around the time of Sukkot (October) who was born with the purpose of teaching, making clear the Torah, the heal the sick, open blind eyes, make the lame walk, and to pay the price of our sin, with HIS death, to give us eternal LIFE, through trusting in HIM as Savior and LORD.

Shabbat Shalom......rabbi Ben Avraham

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