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Stand Up

Ok, I am in high school, and I am a senior. Well, I am also very in love with my God. I put Him before anything and anyone.
Well, a couple weeks ago, the school wanted to bring in a Hypnotist. I was furiated and so was my youth ministry. We protested, and prayed, and took petitions to get it stopped. Well, God worked in our favor, and it was cancelled.
This particular subject is a touchy one to some people. I believe that Hypnosis is a form of witchcraft that opens your mind to the things of this world.(Which is not good) The devil really fought hard and put his defense mode on quick. Students threw stones at us, and mulch. Cussed us and everything. This wasnt that big of a deal really, but look at how hard the Devil fought us. I had a friend come to me and say things that made me realize who were my true friends.
Out of all of it, another senior and I were the only seniors to take part in this. We praised God for moving for us, and giving us a chance to explain the real truth to the lost, and let them get to know God a little better. I am extremely blessed to have such a love for God that I can make it through things like that.
I said all that to say this. Never let go of the truth. Don't compromise with it, because God's ways are the truth and the light, and they are perfect in every way. Stand up and give God the glory for just being God. Stand up and let not your voice go unheard, because there is always someone who is wanting you to speak.
The people who cursed at us, and criticized us are crying out. They are lost, and they are so used to lukewarm christians, they dont want you to fail deep inside themselves. They are really saying "no don't let go! Stay strong and fight here for the rest of us." And that's what you have to do. Stay in the word, and never let anyone take it from you.
Be like Job when his belongings and family were taken away.
Stand Up and Praise God.
Dont you think he deserves it?

But what would you have done in my situation?

God Bless
Sis in Christ :love:
Thank you. May GBU too. This is my first thread so I figured i might as well praise God whil I'm at it.
Sis in Christ :love:
What a witness!! You are so right...we cannot compromise...one small thing leads to so much because we just opened the door for satan to come in. Praise God for your faith & courage to stand when so few others did.

Your statement about the world being so used to lukewarm christians says it all - isn't that sad?

Way to stand you ground! You know the truth about hypnosis and I would guess a lot of other subtle evils such as yoga, mind control and other tools of the devil. Bless you for doing the will of God. Jesus said "If the world hates you remember they hated me first".
wow you are definately strong in the Lord! It takes a lot of courage to stand up against all that.
I wanted to tell you about a book that I really thought you would enjoy. It's called Be Intollerant by Ryan Dobson. It talks all about faith and standing for the Lord. I think that you will really like it and be able to use it in your daily life.
God bless you and keep you standing!
Great Stand, print out what you posted and keep it. On the days when you are feeling disconnected read it over. Taking a stand for God will always cut some of the ties to the world. And that is the way it should be. When Christians take a stand, it forces people around us to take a stand as well. Keep it up...and God Bless you little Brother...
In Christ Service
Your Pastor T