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Spring Green

Staff Member
Spring Green - April 10, 2007

The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. Lam.3:22-23, NLT

What a fresh, lovely, light color. Spring green! The trees and bushes were loaded with it. Grass too. Tiny leaves and buds forming and bursting on the branches; leaves unfurling towards the sun. Tiny sparrows and little songbirds were flitting about, chirping with a happy sound. Spring had sprung!

Here where we live, the weather is tropical, and comments I hear from time to time are how much people love to be here but would miss the seasons if they lived here year-round. Actually we do have seasons, but they are subtle, indeed. The month of February is our spring season.

On a walk, as I took in the beauty of the new growth on the many and varied trees, I was reminded of the newness of spring. The earth, being renewed each year.

I thought, too, of one of my favorite Bible verses, and how it speaks of the newness of the grace of God. God's mercy and grace are constant, and yet at the same time new, each and every day. "God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good."

God's mercy and grace, new every morning. Like spring. Mercy and grace – spring green. New. Fresh. What a gift. For me. For YOU! That, is good news.

Thank you Lord that we can have "spring-green" from You each day of our lives. In Jesus' name! Amen.

Contributed by Sally I. Kennedy: [email protected] Sally is the author of 52 Little Parables from Ireland Creation House Press, Words from the Heart, and Irish Thursdays. Visit sallyikennedy.com

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